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Walking Thru Byzantium. Great Palace Region (2nd Edition)

Author: Kostenec, Jan
Publisher: Grafbas
ISBN: 9789944099400
Publication Date & Place: 2007, İstanbul
Dimensions: 120x215mm, 320 gr.

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Book details

172 pp, 250 illustrations, plans and color photos, pb, in English.

Walk map included. First accurate 3D computer reconstructions of the region.

Introduction by Robert Ousterhout

  • Over 250 computer renderings, current photos and plans, most of which are not published before
  • Walk map of the Great Palace region with 22 spots where you can see Byzantine monuments and ruins, many of which are not known to public
  • First complete 3D model of the palace and list of all of its structures in 20 pages
  • Text contains most of what we know about the Great Palace
  • Walk map included
  • Bibliography of the Great Palace
  • Index