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The volume consists of distinct essays that, together, propose, for the first time, a coherent and complete hypothesis of unitary reading of the entire iconography of the paved mosaic of the Otranto cathedral. These studies have defined the basis for the work of developing the film project Il viaggio di Seth ad Otranto by Michele Fasano, and later for the production of the creative documentary that   resulted from them. The research was conducted, with different methodologies, by Michele Fasano (director and independent producer), Laura Pasquini (medievalist and archaeologist) and Giovanni Barba (author), with complementary results that belong to different disciplines:   theology, philosophy of the image, visual anthropology, historical and artistic-historical research. Perhaps precisely because of this the book succeeds in opening out that deep universalist and pluralist spiritual Mediterranean meaning to contemporary sensitivity that up to now historical-artistic research alone, often turned above all to the West for mythology, sources and theological verification, has not been able to grasp in interpreting the Otranto masterpiece.

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