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Genel Açıklama

Proceedings of the International Conference at the Austrian Archaeological Institute at Athens 23rd– 25th November 2012

368 s, renkli ve s/b resimler, sert kapak ciltli, İngilizce (sırtı hafif ezik).


  • Walter Gauß – Gudrun Klebinder-Gauß – Constance von Rüden / Introduction

Skill and Learning Networks

  • Ina Berg / Potting Skill and Learning Networks in Bronze Age Crete 
  • Constance von Rüden / Approaching Ancient Techniques. From Technology to Bodily Learning and Skill  

Making Pots in a Transcultural Perspective: The Impact of Moving Potters on the Transmission of Technical Knowledge

  • Ann E. Killebrew / In the Footsteps of the Philistine Potters. Tracking the Dissemination of Technical Knowledge in the Production of Twelfth Century B.C. Aegean-Style Pottery to the Coastal Southern Levant
  • Bartłomiej Lis – Štěpán Rückl – Maria Choleva / Mobility in the Bronze Age Aegean: The Case of Aeginetan Potters
  • Gudrun Klebinder-Gauß – Sara Strack / An Aeginetan Potters’ Workshop in Athens?
  • Conor P. Trainor – Peter J. Stone / Winners, Losers, and Survivors of Roman Imperialism. A Case Study from the Northern Peloponnese
  • Elisabetta Borgna – Sara T. Levi / The Italo-Mycenaean Connection. Some Considerations on the Technological Transfer in the Field of Pottery Production 
  • Ines Balzer / Technological Innovations in Pottery. Examples from Celtic ›Princely‹ Sites (6th to 5th Century B.C.) in Continental Europe 

Technical Change in Social Context

  • Valentine Roux – Caroline Jeffra / The Spreading of the Potter’s Wheel in the Ancient Mediterranean. A Social Context-Dependent Phenomenon 
  • Marco Iamoni / Pottery Production during the Third and Second Millennium B.C. in Western Syria. The Development of Ceramic Technology as a Result of the Rise of Qatna as a Regional Capital 
  • Jeremy B. Rutter / Ceramic Technology in Rapid Transition. The Evidence from Settlement Deposits of the Shaft Grave Era at Tsoungiza (Corinthia)
  • Michael Lindblom – Walter Gauß – Evangelia Kiriatzi / Some Reflections on Ceramic Technology Transfer at Bronze Age Kastri on Kythera, Kolonna on Aegina, and Lerna in the Argolid
  • Anne-Marie Curé / Wheelmade Pottery and Socioeconomic Changes in Indigenous Mediterranean Gaul Societies during the Early Iron Age
  • Dirk Paul Mielke / Between Transfer and Interaction: Phoenician Pottery Technology on the Iberian Peninsula 

Technical Choices as Social Choices

  • Olivier Gosselain / Roads, Markets, Migrants. The Historical Trajectory of a Male Hausa Pottery Tradition in Southern Niger
  • Ariane Jacobs – Christina Makarona – Karin Nys – Philippe Claeys / Production and Ceramic Technology at the Late Bronze Age Site of Alassa-Pano Mandilaris (Cyprus-Kouris Valley). First Things First: Understanding the Nature of the Raw Material(s) and Other Source(s)
  • Alessandro Quercia / The Production and Distribution of Early Greek-Style Cooking Wares in Areas of Cultural Contact: The Case of Southern Italy and Sicily 

The Art of Firing: Kiln Technology and Firing Practise

  • Ian Whitbread – David Dawson / Kiln Construction and Use in Greece. Communicating Technical Knowledge
  • Susanne Prillwitz – Anno Hein / A Closer Look at Updraft Pottery Kiln Constructions Based on Middle Helladic to Iron Age Examples in the Aegean 
  • Addresses of Contributors 

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