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Book details

905 pp, b/w figures, hb, in English.

With the publication of Volume 13 The Cambridge Ancient History moves into fresh territory. The first edition was completed by Volume 12 which closed in AD 324. The editors of the new edition have enlarged the scope of Volume 12 to include the foundation of Constantinople and the death of Constantine, and extended the series with two new volumes taking the history down to AD 600. Volume 13 covers the years 337-425, from the death of Constantine to the reign of Theodosius II. It begins with a series of narrative chapters, followed by a part on government and institutions. The economy and society of the Empire are grouped together, as are chapters on foreign relations and the barbarian world. A part on religion marks the importance of Christianity in the Roman Empire by this period. The volume concludes with chapters on the various literary cultures of the Empire, and on art.

Review: 'I had bought this volume before I was asked to review it, the best possible compliment surely to publishers, editors, and contributors alike.' The Classical Review

'Cameron and Garnsey deserve congratulations for this: the volume will last at least as long as the first editions of CAH did (of course they did not cover this period at all), and maybe longer.' Journal of Roman Studies 

Part I. Chronological Overview: 1. The successors of Constantine David Hunt; 2. Julian David Hunt; 3. From Jovian to Theodosius John Curran; 4. The dynasty of Theodosius R. C. Blockley; Part II. Government and Institutions: 5. Emperors, government and bureaucracy Christopher Kelly; 6. Senators and senates Peter Heather; 7. The army A. D. Lee; 8. The church as a public institution David Hunt; Part III. The Empire: Economy and Society: 9. Rural life in the later Roman Empire C. R. Whittaker and Peter Garnsey; 10. Trade, industry and the urban economy Peter Garnsey and C. R. Whittaker; 11. Late Roman social relations Arnaldo Marcone; 12. The cities Bryan Ward-Perkins; Part IV. Foreign Relations and the Barbarian World: 13. Warfare and diplomacy R. C. Blockley; 14. The eastern frontier Benjamin Isaac; 15. The Germanic peoples Malcolm Todd; 16. Goths and Huns c. 320 425 Peter Heather; 17. The barbarian invasions and first settlements I. N. Wood; Part V. Christianity and Paganism: 18. 'Polytheist religion' and philosophy Garth Fowden; 19. Orthodoxy and heresy from the death of Constantine to the eve of the first council of Ephesus Henry Chadwick; 20. Asceticism: pagan and Christian Peter Brown; 21. Christianisation and religious conflict Peter Brown; Part VI. Art and Culture: 22. Education and literary culture Averil Cameron; 23a. Syriac culture 337 425 Sebastian Brock; 23b. Coptic literature 337 425 Mark Smith; 24 Art and architecture Ja-s Elsner; Chronological table; Bibliography.


ISBN 13 9780521302005
Language English
Binding Hardcover
Dimensions 160 x 235 mm
Weight 2500 gr.
Condition Good
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Author Cameron, Averil

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