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  • Mosaics of Turkey and Parallel Developments in the Rest of the Ancient and Medieval World: Questions of Iconography, Style and Technique from the Beginnings of Mosaic until the Late Byzantine Era

  • Author: Sahin, Mustafa

  • Publisher: Ege Yayinlari

  • ISBN: 9786055607814

  • Publication Date & Place: 2012 / İstanbul

  • (Antiquarian / Condition: New)

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Book details

11th International Colloquium on Ancient Mosaics October 16th - 20th 2009 Bursa

xxvi + 974 pp, color and b/w figures, hb, articles in Turkish, English, German and French.


  • Abdallah, Komait / Mosaique d’Heracles decouverte a Homs (Syrie centrale)
  • Andaloro, Maria – Paola Pogliani / The 6th Century Mosaic Floor of the Church of Kucuk Tavsan Adasi (Bodrum). A Model for an Integrated Analysis between Knowledge, Conservation and Documentation
  • Aydin, Ayse / Das Fussbodenmosaik des Annexbaus in der Kuppelkirche in Kaunos. The Floor Mosaics at the Annex Building of the Domed Church
  • Baldassarri, Paola / Archaeological Excavations at Palazzo Valentini: A Residential Area in the Shade of the Trajan’s Forum
  • Balmelle, Catherine – Aicha Ben Abed-Ben Khader – Fathi Bejaoui / La Maison des Deux Lions a Carthage
  • Barsanti, Claudia / The Marble Floor of St. John Studius in Constantinople: A Neglected Masterpiece
  • Abed, Aicha Ben - Roger Hanoune / Les pavements mosaiques des Thermes a l’octagone de Pupput (Hammamet, Tunisie)
  • Tirado, Jesus Bermejo / The Social Construction of Gender Identities through the Ancient Mosaics from Antioch
  • Blanc-Bijon, Veronique – Fabienne Olmer avec la collaboration de Marie-Laure Courboules / Une nouvelle mosaique sur l’oppidum de l’Ermitage a Ales (Gard, France)
  • Blazquez, José María / Mythology in Mosaics of Zeugma and Hispania. Similarities and Differences
  • Bugini, Roberto – Luisa Folli – Brunella Portulano – Elisabetta Roffia / The Analytical Approach to the Roman Mosaics. A Case-Study in Northern Italy
  • Buzov, Marija / The Early Christian Mosaics with Inscription in Croatia
  • Piquero, Javier Cabrero / A New Hispano-Roman Mosaic with the Story of Meleager
  • Caetano, Maria Teresa – Catia Mourão / A “Portrait” of Book XII of the Aeneid Mosaic from the « House of the Medusa » (Alter do Chao, Portugal)
  • Can, Birol / Technical, Stylistic, Iconographic Evaluation and Dating of Mosaics of Altıntepe Church
  • Carucci, Margherita / An Example of Visual Humour on a Romano-African Mosaic Putting Images in their Context
  • Clarke, John R. – Lea Cline / New Light on Mosaic Metrics: Research at Villa A. Torre Annunziata - Italy - 50 B.C. – A.D. 79
  • Cookson, Neil / Orpheus: Some Metaphors in Mosaic
  • Cvetkovska Ocokoljic, Violeta – Jugoslav Ocokoljic / Parallel Research Fresco Painting of Chora and Sopocani
  • Darmon, Jean-Pierre / Une enigme enfin resolue: la fausse Iphigenie d’Antioche etait une Alceste
  • Tavares da Silva, Carlos – Joaquina Soares – Licínia Nunes Correia Wrench / Les premières mosaiques romaines decouvertes a Caetobriga (Setubal, Portugal)
  • Decriaud, Anne-Sophie / Les Saisons personnifiees sur les mosaiques romaines tardives (IVe-VIe siecles) de la partie orientale du Bassin mediterraneen (Turquie, Syrie Liban, Israel, Jordanie)
  • Delbarre-Bartschi, Sophie / Les mosaiques romaines en Suisse
  • Matteis, Lorella Maria de / The Mosaics of the Early Christian Basilicas on the Island of Kos
  • Kremer, Maria de Jesus Duran / Les mosaiques geometriques de la villa romaine de Abicada: Leur rôle dans le contexte des mosaiques romaines de l’Algarve
  • Penedo, Mercedes Duran / Mosaicos con la iconografía de Thetis, madre de Aquiles, en Turquía y en otros enclaves del Imperio
  • Foulias, Andreas M. / The Basilica of Agioi Saranta /Kirklar Tekke in Cyprus and its Mosaics
  • Friedman, Zaraza / Ships Depicted in the Madaba Map Mosaic
  • Fuchs, Michel E. – Sophie Delbarre-Bärtschi / Derecik, Büyükorhan : Une eglise pour deux mosaïques
  • Guidobaldi, Alessandra Guiglia / The Marble Floor Decoration in Constantinople: Prolegomena to a Corpus
  • Guimier-Sorbets, Anne-Marie / Les themes dionysiaques sur les mosaïques hellénistiques d’Asie Mineure (Turquie)
  • Houix, Bertrand – Véronique Blanc-Bijon – Jean-Yves Breuil – Jean-Pierre Darmon –
    Pascale Linant de Bellefonds / Mosaiques a themes mythologiques recemment decouvertes sous l’avenue Jean-Jaures a Nimes (France)
  • Isiklikaya-Laubscher, Isil Rabia / Mosaics in Perge. Preliminary Report on the Mosaics of the Macellum
  • Jobst, Werner / Das Mosaikpaviment der frühchristlichen Basilika von Gönen/Germe in Mysien (Hellespont)
  • Khrushkova, Lyudmila G. / Opus Sectile Pavements in the Crimea and on the East Coast of the Black Sea
  • Kolarik, Ruth / Mosaics from Antioch: Chronological Implications for other Regions?
  • Koker, Emine / Antik Cag Mozaiklerinde At Ikonografisi
  • Kramer, Maja / Signs of Progression in the Personifications of the Seasons in Roman Mosaics: The Artistic Approach, Procedures and Tools Used by the Craftsmen to Relate the Viewer to the Experience of the Passing of Time
  • Lauritzen, Delphine / Mosaiques d’Okeanos et de Thalassa a Zurich: Une proposition de mise en perspective
  • Limao, Filomena / The Vase’s Representation (Cantharus, Crater) on the Roman Mosaic in Portugal: A Significant Formal and Iconographic Path from Classic Antiquity to Late Antiquity
  • Lopes, Virgílio / Late Antiquity in Portugal. The Mosaics
  • Monteagudo, Guadalupe Lopez / Opora through East and West. Abundance Allegories in Mosaics of Spain and Turkey
  • Romero, Irene Mañas / New Interpretations of Roman Mosaics of Italica: Firmament Images
  • Neira, Luz / The Sea Thiasos of Nereids and Tritons in the Roman Mosaics of Turkey
  • Olszewski, Marek Titien / The Orpheus Funerary Mosaic from Jerusalem in the Archaeological Museum at Istanbul
  • Olszewski, Marek Titien – Piotr Zakrzewski / The Decoration of the Dining Rooms at Ptolemais in Cyrenaica (Libya) in the Light of the Last Researches
  • Omari, Elda / The History and Development of Mosaics in Albania (4th / 3rd Century B.C. – 6th Century A.D.)
  • Ovadiah, Asher / Conservative Approaches in the Ancient Synagogue Mosaic Pavements in Israel: The Cases of ‘Ein Gedi and Sepphoris/Zippori
  • Oz, Ali Kazim / The Mosaics of Metropolis in Ionia
  • Oztaskin, Muradiye / Building with Mosaics of Olympos: Mosaics of Late Ancient Era – Early Byzantine Period
  • Parrish, David - Birte Poulsen / Late Antique Tombs with Mosaics in Ancient Halikarnassos
  • Parzysz, Bernard / Une grande famille de décors géométriques
  • Pedone, Silvia / The Marble Omphalos of Saint Sophia in Constantinople. An Analysis of an Opus Sectile Pavement of Middle Byzantine Age
  • Pelosi, Claudia – Ulderico Santamaria / The 6th Century A.D. Floor Mosaic of the Church of Kucuk Tavsan Adası (Bodrum). Characterization of the Constitutive Materials, Finding of the Quarries of Origin
  • Pessoa, Miguel / Stibadium with a Mosaic in the Roman Villa of Rabaçal, Penela, Portugal
  • Popova, Vania  – Alexander Lirsch / Corpus of Late Antique and Early Christian Mosaics in Bulgaria
  • Romero, Manuel – Sebastián Vargas / Mosaic Workshop Located in the Villa de la Estación de Antequera, Malaga (España)
  • Sagiv-Hayik, Idit / The Hellenistic Mosaic of Dor – Figural Image or Theatrical Mask?
  • Salman, Barış / Reflection of Some Cults and Rituels on Mosaics and Reliefs in Osroene and Other Syrian Cultures
  • Pedraz , M. Pilar San Nicolas / On a Mosaic from Malaga with the Depiction of Zeus/Jupiter and Antiope
  • Sahin, Derya / Myndos Mosaics
  • Şener, Y. Selcuk / Mozaiklerin Korunmasinda Temel Kriterler
  • Taddei, Alessandro / Remarks on the Decorative Wall-mosaics of Saint Eirene at Constantinople
  • Trovabene, Giordana / Knots of Lines, like Weaves of Threads: A Corpus of Early Medieval Mosaics in “Veneto”
  • Tulek, Fusun / The Bejewelled Lady of Sinope
  • Valeva, Julia / Une riche domus de Stara Zagora (Augusta Trajana-Beroe): Publication preliminaire
  • Weiss, Zeev / Mosaic Art in Ancient Sepphoris: Between East and West
  • Witts, Patricia / Mosaic Studies and Souvenirs
  • Yesil-Erdek, Sehrigul / Display of Ancient Mosaics: Tourism as an Influential Factor Steering the Decision Making Process
  • Zohar, Diklah / Application Procedures of Mosaics and the Division of Production Work: Examples from Madaba, Beth Alpha and Antioch

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