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  • Perspectives and Reflections on Religious and Cultural Life in Medieval Anatolia

  • Author: Ocak, Ahmet Yasar

  • Publisher: ISIS

  • ISBN: 9789754284591

  • Publication Date & Place: 2012 / İstanbul

  • (Antiquarian / Condition: New)

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Book details

Analecta Isisiana CXVII

This volume is a compilation of the articles published in international journals or written as book chapters as well as papers presented in symposia. These texts touch upon problems relating generally to social, religious and mystical life of Turkey in the Middle Ages and early modern times during the time of Anatolian Seljuqs, Anatolian principalities and the Ottomans.

308 pp, pb, in English.


The Interpretation of Islam by the Turks Throughout the Historical Process Islam in Ottoman Empire: A Sociological Framework for a New Interpretation Religion in the Ottoman Empire 

Sufi Milieux and Political Authority in Turkish History: A General Overview (Thirteenth- Seventeenth Centuries) The Wafâ’î Tarîqa (Wafâiyya) During and After the Period of the Seljuks of Turkey: A New Approach to the History of Popular Mysticism in Turkey Kalenderi Dervishes and Ottoman Administration from the Fourteenth to the Sixteenth Centuries Rûmi: A Man of his Age: A Proper Understanding of Rûmi 

Social, Cultural and Intel-lectual Life in Anatolia (1071-1453) Ottoman Intellectual Life in the Classical Period

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