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  • Archäologische Mitteilungen aus Iran und Turan Band 40, 2008

  • Author: 

  • Publisher: Dietrich Reimer Verlag

  • Publication Date & Place: 2009 / Berlin

  • (Antiquarian / Condition: New)

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Book details

AMIT 40, 2008

292 pp, color and b/w figures, hb, articles in English and German.


  • Biagi, P. / The Palaeolithic settlement of Sindh (Pakistan): A review (1-26)
  • Lyonnet, B., Akhundov, T., Almamedov, K., Bouquet, L., Courcier, A., Jellilov, B., Huseynov, F., Loute, S., Makharadze, Z., und Reynard, S. / Late Chalcolithic kurgans in Transcaucasia. The cemetery of Soyuq Bulaq (Azerbaijan) (27-44)
  • Badalyan, R., Smith, A. T., Lindsay, I., Khatchadourian, L., und Avetsiyan, P. / Village, fortress and town in Bronze and Iron Age Southern Caucasus: A preliminary report on the 2003-2006 investigations of Project ARAGATS on the Tsaghkahovit Plain, Republic of Armenia (45-105)
  • Langer, S. / Preliminary results of the analysis of the pottery inventory from Period III at Sohr Damb/Nal (Pakistan) (107-119)
  • Drujinina, A. / Gussform mit griechischer Inschrift aus dem Oxos-Tempel (121-135)
  • Falk, H. / Money can buy me heaven. Religious donations in late and post-Kushan India (137-148)
  • Knipper, C., Paulus, S., Uerpmann, M., und Uerpmann, H.-P. / Seasonality and land use in Bronze and Iron Age Kakhetia (Georgia). Oxygen and strontium isotope analyses on horse and cattle teeth (149-168)
  • Uerpmann, M. / Uerpmann, H.-P. / Bronze and Iron Age animal economy at Didi-gora and Tqisbolo-gora (Kakhetia, Georgia) (169-264)
  • Kutterer, A. U. / Anthropological remarks on the remains of an infant from a Middle Bronze Age context at Didi-gora (265-266)
  • Fedorov, M. / Notes on the early medieval numismatics of Khwarezm (267-275)
  • Mamedov, M. A. / Genesis of the dracontine image in the art of Central Asia (277-290)

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