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  • Byzas 23 - Innovation versus Beharrung: Was macht den Unterschied des hethitischen Reichs im Anatolien des 2. Jahrtausends v. Chr.

  • Author: Schachner, Andreas

  • Publisher: Ege Yayinlari

  • ISBN: 9786059680394

  • Publication Date & Place: 2017 / İstanbul

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Book details

280 pp, color figures, pb, articles in German and English.


  • Vorwort (F. Pirson)
  • Danksagung
  • Widmung 
  • Einleitung - Innovation versus Beharrung (A. Schachner) 
  • Ulf-Dietrich  Schoop  / Technologie und  Innovation im anatolischen Chalkolithikum
  • İlgi Gerçek / Approaches to Hittite  Imperialism: A View from the »Old Kingdom«  and »Early Empire« Periods (c. 1650-1350 BCE)
  • Theo  van den Hout / Schreiben wie Seeher.  The Art of Writing: Remarks on the When and How of Hittite Cuneiform
  • Doğan-Alparslan, Meltem – Metin Alparslan / Das hethitische Siegel: Staatliche  Innovation einer  multilingualen Gesellschaft
  • Constanze von Rüden  – Johannes Jungfleisch / Incorporating the Other. A Transcultural Perspective  on Some Wall Painting  Fragments from Hattuša
  • Herrmann Genz / Regional  or International? Comments on the Origin  and Development of Hittite  Weapons and Military Technologies
  • Martin Bachmann(†) / Manifestation göttlicher Präsenz. Das Quellheiligtum Eflatun Pınar
  • Dirk-Paul Mielke / From »Anatolian«  to »Hittite«.  The Development of Pottery in Central  Anatolia in the 2nd Millennium BC
  • Josef Lehner / Innovation and Continuity of Metal Production and Consumption during the Early Iron  Age at Boğazköy-Hattuša
  • Hartmut Wittenberg / Capture and Management of Ground and Stratum Water in the Hittite  Empire  – Technology and Cultural  Significance
  • Remi Berthon / Herding for the Kingdom,  Herding for the Empire.  The Contribution of Zooarchaeology to the Knowledge of Hittite  Economy
  • Charlotte Diffey – Reinder Neef – Amy Bogaard / The Archaeobotany of Large-Scale Hermetic Cereal Storage  at the Hittite  Capital of Hattuša
  • R. Pasternak – Helmut Kroll / Wieviel haben wir Ende  Mai zu essen? – Botanische Großreste aus hethitischen Siedlungskontexten
  • Schachner, Andreas / Motor oder  Bremse? Die Rolle der hethitischen Hauptstadt Hattuša für die Transformation des hethitischen Reichs
  • Catriona Pickard  – Claudia  Caldeira  – Ninke Harten – Ulf-Dietrich  Schoop  – Handan Üstündağ – Laszlo Bartosiewicz – Andreas Schachner / Reconstructing Iron  Age to Roman  Period  Diet from Bioarchaeological Remains: Preliminary Results from Boğazköy, North-Central Anatolia
  • Geoffrey Summers / After the Collapse, Continuities and Discontinuities in the Early Iron  Age of Central  Anatolia
  • Anschriften der Autoren

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