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Book details

Varia Anatolica XI
Actes du colloque d'Istanbul, 16-19 decembre 1998
From the Euphrates to the Caucasus: Chronologies for the 4th - 3rd millenium B.C.
Vom Euphrat in den Kaukasus: Vergleichende Chronologie des 4. und 3. Jahrtausends v. Chr.

511 s, pb, articles in French, German and English.

Introduction / Einleitung

  • Esin, Ufuk / The Main Problems in Setting up a Chronological Framework (Caucasus, Eastern Anatolia and Northern Syria)
  • Marro, Catherine / Chronologies des pays du Caucase et de l'Euphrate : etat, enjeux et perspectives de la recherche

Methodologie et Chronologies Absolues / Methodology and Absolute Dating / Methoden und Absolute Chronologie

  • Butterlin, Pascal / La vallee de l'Euphrate et l'expansion Urukeenne : problemes stratigraphiques et chronologiques au Sud du Taurus
  • Campbell, Stuart / Questions of Definition in the Early Bronze Age of the Tishrin Dam
  • Matthews, Roger / Fourth and Third Millennia Chronologies: The View From Tell Brak, North-East Syria .
  • Nocera, Gian-Maria di / Radiocarbon Datings from Arslantepe and Norsuntepe: The Fourth-Third Millenium Absolute Chronology in the Upper Euphrates and Transcaucasion Region

Reperes Chronologiques pour la Haute-Mesopotamie et l'Anatolie Orientale (4000-3000 Av. J.-C.) /
Chronological Ties Between Upper Mesopotamia and Eastern Anatolia (4000-3000 B.C.) /
Chronologische Verbindungen Zwischen Obermesopotamien und Ostanatolien (4000-3000 V. Chr.)

  • Mazzoni, Stefania / From the Late Chalcolithic to Early Bronze I in North-West Syria: Anatolian Contact and Regional Perspective
  • Pearce, Julie / The Late Chalcolithic Sequence at Hacinebi Tepe, Turkey
  • Helwing, Barbara / Regional Variation in the Composition of Late Chalcolithic Pottery Assemblages

Reperes Chronologiques pour le Levant, la haute-Mesopotamie et l'Anatolie Orientale (3000-2000 Av. J.-C.)/
Chronological Ties Between the Levant, Eastern Anatolia and Upper Mesopotamia (3000-2000 B.C.)/
Chronologische Verbindungen zwischen der Levante, Obermesopotamien und Ostanatolien (3000-2000 v. Chr.)

  • Lebeau, Marc / Stratified Archaeological Evidence and Compared Periodizations in the Syrian Jezirah during the third Millennium B.C
  • Pruss, Alexander / The Metallic Ware of Upper Mesopotamia: Definition, Chronology and Distribution
  • Gerber, Christoph / Bemerkungen zur Stratigraphie von Tell Judaidah (Amuq Phase G)
  • Gerber, Christoph / Die Keramik der fruhen Bronzezeit im Karababa-Becken ...
  • Rova, Elena / Early Third Millennium B.C. Painted Pottery Traditions in the Jezirah
  • Miroschedji, Pierre de / La Ceramique de Khirbet Kerak en Syro-Palestine : e'tat de la question
  • Philip, Graham - Andrew R. Millard / Khirbet Kerak Ware in the Levant: The Implications of Radiocarbon Chronology and Spatial Distribution

Reperes Chronologiques pour la Haute-Mesopotamie, l'Anatolie Orientale et le Caucase (4000-2000 Av. J.-C.) /
Chronological Ties Between Upper Mesopotamia, Eastern Anatolia and the Caucasus (4000-2000 B.C.) /
Chronologische Verbindungen zwischen Obermesopotamien. Ostanatolien und dem Kaukasus (4000-2000 V. Chr.)

  • Lyonnet, Bertille / La Mesopotamie et le Caucase du Nord au IV et au debut du III millenaires av. n.e. : leurs rapports et les problemes chronologiques de la culture de Majkop. Etat de la question et nouvelles propositions
  • Kiguradze, Tamaz / The Chalcolithic - Early Bronze Age Transition in The Eastern Caucasus
  • Sagona, Antonia / Sos Hoyuk and the Erzurum Region in Late Prehistory: A Provisional Chronology for Northeast Anatolia
  • Gulcur, Sevil / Norsuntepe: Die Chalkolithische Keramik (Elazig/Ostanatolien)
  • Hauptmann, Harald / Zur Chronologie des 3. Jahrtausends v. Chr. Am Oberen Euphrat Aufgrund der Stratigraphie des Norsuntepe
  • Frangipane, Marcella / The Late Chalcolithic/EB I Sequence at Arslantepe. Chronological and Cultural Remarks from a Frontier Site
  • Marro, Catherine / Vers une chronologie Comparee des pays du Caucase et de l'euphrate aux IV -III Millenaires

Conclusions / Schluss Folgerungen

  • Ozdogan, Mehmet / An Overview from Anatolia and Prospects for future Research
  • Frangipane, Marcella - Catherine Marro / Concluding Remarks

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