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359 pp, color and b/w figures, pb, articles in Turkish and English.


  • Evren ACAR / Coin Findings a Wine Workshop in Antandros 
  • Michel AMANDRY / Monetary Production in the Cycladic Islands Under the Roman Empire (From Augustus to Gordian III) 
  • Vera BULGURLU / Kadıkalesi/Anaia Byzantine Lead Seals from the Excavation Seasons 2011-2017 
  • Benedotto CARROCCIO / Not Only Kymaeans, Not Only Aeolians: New Lights on Local and Foreign Coin Circulation in the Port City of Kyme From Italian Excavations 
  • Burçak DELIKAN / Metropolis Kazısı Sikke Buluntuları 
  • Zeliha DEMIREL GÖKALP / Anadolu’nun Ege Kıyılarında Erken Bizans Dönemi Sikke Dolaşımı 
  • Zeliha DEMIREL GÖKALP - ALAN M. STAHL / A Hoard of Venetian Coinage of Doge Antonio Venier from Emet in Kütahya 
  • Vera GURULEVA / Sherif Osman Nuri Bey and Byzantine Glass Weights from the State Hermitage Collection Found in İzmir 
  • George KAKAVAS / Halai ( East or Opountian Locris, Pthiotis): An Important Port of the Aegean Sea, The Numismatic Evidence from Antiquity (400 B.C.) to the 12th Century A.D
  • Yiannis KOKKINAKIS / Money Circulation in an Aegean Economy: The City-Port of Hermoupolis in the Nineteenth Century 
  • Elena KORKA - Constantine LAGOS / Coin Finds at Koutsongila Ridge as Evidence on the Circulation of Coinage and Commercial Contacts Through Kenchreai Harbour During Antiquity 
  • Ioanna N. KOUKOUNI / Coins and Seals in Byzantine and Genoese Chios ( Fifth- Sixteenth Centuries) 
  • Theodoros KOUREMPANAS / Coins from Excavations at Myrina (Lemnos) 
  • Dimitrios Ath. KOUSOULAS / Hercules’ Depiction on Koan Coins in its Historical-Artistic Context 
  • Eleni LIANTA / The Byzantine Numismatic Single Finds Irom the Thessalonica Metro Archaeological Excavations: 2008-2015  
  • Wilhelm MUESELER /  Pigs with Wings, The Port Towns of Phoinike and Phaselis in Eastern Lycia During the 5th Century BC 
  • Zeynep CIZMELI OGUN-Anthony HOSTEIN / Unpublished Die-Links from Alexandria Troas (Treboniaus Gallus and Valerian) 
  • Merve SARILAR OZDEMIR / Sikkeler Işığında Ionia Bölgesi’nde Seleukosların Varlığı 
  • Hüseyin Murat OZGEN / Adramytteion’dan Ioannes VIII (Xiphilinos) Konstantinopolis Patriklik Mührü Buluntusu ve “E Yapısı” İkincil Kullanımı 
  • Hüsnü OZTURK - Haluk PERK / Aydınoğulları Sikkelerine Genel Bir Bakış ve Aydınoğlu İsa Bey’e Ait Neşredilmemiş Bazı Sikkeler 
  • Charikleia PAPAGEORGIADOU - Eleni GKADOLOU / Archaic Coin Hoards and Maritime Connectivity in the Eastern Mediterranean 
  • Eugen PARASCHIV GRIGORE - Ioana PARASCHIV GRIGORE / Commercial Lead Seals from Smyrna Discovered in Dobroudja 
  • Kadir PEKTAŞ / Milas’ta Ortaya Çıkarılan İki Define Hakkında Notlar 
  • Haluk PERK / Kzykos Antik Kenti Terazi Ağırlıkları Haluk Perk Koleksiyonu 
  • Alan M. STAHL / The Fourteenth Century Ducats of the Emirs of Aydın 
  • Betül TEOMAN / Kadıkalesi-Anaia Kazıları (2001-2016) Türk Dönemi Sikkeleri 
  • Ceren ÜNAL / Iconography and Importance of Palaeologan Coin Finds from Kadıkalesi/Anaia Excavation 
  • Peter vanALFEN / The Limits of Cooperation: Prolegomena to a Die Study of the Archaic Silver Coinages of Phokaia 
  • Oya YAĞIZ / Adramytteion Kazılarında Ele Geçen Sikkeler 

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