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  • Studia Troica Band 6, 1996

  • Author: Korfmann, Manfred

  • Publisher: Philipp von Zabern

  • ISBN: 9783805319119

  • Publication Date & Place: 1996 / Mainz

  • (Antiquarian / Condition: New)

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Book details

270 pp, b/w figures, hb, articles in English and German.


Teil A: Troia und Troas - Aktuelle Ausgrabungen und Umfeld

1. Troia, Grabungsberichte

  • Korfmann, Manfred / Troia - Ausgrabungen 1995
  • Jablonka, Peter / Ausgrabungen im Süden der Unterstadt von Troia im Bereich des Troia VI-Verteidigungsgrabens Grabungsbericht 1995
  • Rose, Charles Brian / The 1995 Post-Bronze Age Research and Excavations at Troia
  • Riorden, Elizabeth / Three-Dimensional Aided Drafting (CAD) in Anastylosis: A Case-Study at the Odeion 2. Troia, Kleinfund- und Keramikuntersuchungen
  • Hawkins, J. David and Donald F. Easton / A Hieroglyphic Seal from Troia
  • Fisher, Susan McMullen / Troia "G2/3 Ware" Revisited
  • Barr, Amy E. / Horse and Rider Plaques at Ilion. A preliminary Study of the Hellenistic Hero Cult in Asia Minor 
  • Barr, Regan L / Greek and Hellenistic Lamps from Ilion
  • Cohen, Getzel M. / A Dedication to the Samothracian Gods
  • Pontes, Herman / Inscriptiones Iliacae: Two Epigraphical Notes from Ilion

3. Der Naturraum

  • Fabis, Marian / Archaeofaunal Remains from the Lower Sanctuary. A Preliminary Report on the 1994 Excavations
  • Krönneck, Petra / Vogelknochen aus Troia. Ein Beitrag zur Umweltrekonstruktion

Teil B: Weitere Forschungen Troas

  • Kayan, Ilhan / Holocene Stratigraphy of the Lower Karamenderes-Dümrek Plain and Archaeological Material in the Alluvial Sediments to the North of the Troia Ridge  
  • Sevinc, Nurten / A New Sarcophagus of Polyxena from the Salvage Excavations at Gümüscay


  • Danksagung - Acknowledgements 

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