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  • The Luwian Civilization. The Missing Link in the Aegean Bronze Age

  • Author: Zangger, Eberhard

  • Publisher: Ege Yayinlari

  • ISBN: 9786059680110

  • Publication Date & Place: 2016 / İstanbul

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292 pp, color figures, pb, in English.


1. Prologue   
2. A New Perspective of the Aegean Bronze Age   
3. The Luwians
3.1 Who Are the Luwians?   
3.2 Habitat and Natural Resources   
3.3 Late Bronze Age Archaeological Sites in Western Asia Minor   
3.4 Petty States in Western Asia Minor   
3.5 Luwian Scripts   
3.6 Linear A Script   
3.7 The Phaistos Disc   
3.8 The Missing Link  
3.9 Why are the Luwians Missing?  
4. Bronze Age   
4.1 Late Bronze Age Shipwrecks   
4.2 The Mycenaean Culture on the Greek Mainland  
4.3 Minoan Crete   
4.4 Hatti – the Hittite Empire   
4.5 The New Kingdom in Egypt   
4.6 Petty Kingdoms in Syria and Palestine   
5. Troy   
5.1 The History of Troy   
5.2 The Investigation of Troy   
5.3 The Lower Town   
5.4 Hydro Engineering During the Bronze Age   
5.5 Descriptions of Ancient Troy   
6. The Sea Peoples   
6.1 The Sea Peoples' Inscriptions and Excavation Results   
6.2 Hypotheses Regarding the Sea Peoples’ Invasions   
6.3 The Initial Sea Peoples’ Raids   
6.4 The Trojan War as a Mycenaean Counterattack   
6.5 Civil War on the Greek Mainland   
7. Iron Age   
7.1 Migrations at the Beginning of the Iron Age   
7.2 Caria   
7.3 Phrygia   
7.4 Lydia   
7.5 The Philistines in Canaan and Palestine   
7.6 Phoenicians   
7.7 The Etruscan Culture   
8. Sources   
8.1 The Homeric Epics   
8.2 Non-Homeric Accounts of the Trojan War   
8.3 Dio Chrysostom   
8.4 Dictys Cretensis   
8.5 Dares Phrygius   
8.6 Quintus of Smyrna   
8.7 Eusebius of Caesarea   
8.8 John Malalas   
8.9 Joseph of Exeter   
8.10 Benoît de Sainte-Maure   
8.11 Guido de Columnis   
9. Luwian Studies and its Goals   
9.1 Closing the Research Gap   
9.2 Proposed Methods   
10. Epilogue   
11. Appendices 
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