Byzas 2 - How Did Farming Reach Europe? Anatolian-European Relations from the Second Half of the 7th Through the First Half of the 6th Millennium Cal BC

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ISBN / ISSN: 9789758071067
Publish date and place: 2005 / İstanbul
Language: English
Cover Type: Softcover
Condition: New
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BYZAS is a new series published since 2005 by the Istanbul branch of the German Institute of Archaeology. The first five volumes present the results of international conferences and workshops hosted by the Istanbul branch in 2003 and 2004. BYZAS is an adequate medium for the publication of the results of future meetings, but it is also designed for monographic studies with modern research approaches.

The series is named after Byzas of Megara, mythical founder of the city Byzantion.  

Veröffentlichungen des Deutschen Archaeologischen Instituts Istanbul. Proceedings of the International Workshop Istanbul, 20-22 May 2004, organized by Clemens Lichter and Recep Meric.

330 pp, pb, 20 articles in English.


  • LICHTER, Clemens / Introduction to the workshop

Framework and Anatolian Roots:

  • OZDOGAN, Mehmet / Westward expansion of the Neolithic way of life: what we know and what we do not know

  • THISSEN, Laurens / Coming to grips with the Aegean in Prehistory: an outline of the temporal framework, 10.000–5500 cal BC

  • SCHOOP, Ulf-Dietrich / The late escape of the Neolithic from the Central Anatolian Plain

Neolithisation of Western Anatolia:

  • LICHTER, Clemens / Western Anatolia in the Late Neolithic and Early Chalcolithic: the actual state of research

  • ABAY, Esref / Neolithic settlement at Ulucak Hoyuk and its cultural relations with neighbour regions in Western Anatolia

  • DERIN, Zafer / The neolithic architecture of Ulucak Hoyuk

  • ERDOGU, Burcin / Visualizing neolithic landscape: archaeological theory in the Aegean Islands

  • EFE, Turan / The neolithisation in Inland Northwestern Anatolia

  • BERTRAM, Jan-K. - Necmi KARUL / From Anatolia to Europe: The ceramic sequence of Hoca Cesme in Turkish Thrace

Neolithisation of the Balkans and Greece:

  • SAMPSON, Adamantios / New evidence from the early productive stages in the Aegean Basin from the 9th to the 7th millennia cal BC

  • EFSTRATIOU, Nikos / Tracing the story of the first farmers in Greece – a long and winding road

  • REINGRUBER, Agathe / The Argissa Magoula and the beginning of the Neolithic in Thessaly

  • KYPARISSI-APOSTOLIKA, Nina - Georgia KOTZAMANI / Worlds in transition: Mesolithic/Neolithic lifestyles at the cave of Theopetra, Thessaly/Greece

  • ALRAM-STERN, Eva / The Early Neolithic settlement in Central and Southern Greece. The actual state of research

“Border crossing” cultural elements:

  • HANSEN, Svend / Neolithic Figurines – East-West

  • GATSOV, Ivan / Some observations about bullet core technique during 7th and 6th millennium BC

  • ROSENSTOCK, Eva / Hoyuk, Toumba and Mogila: a settlement form in Anatolia and the Balkans and its ecological determination 6500-5500 cal BC

  • SCHUBERT, Holger / Everyone’s black box – Where does the European ornamentation come from?

  • SCHWARZBERG, Heiner / Prismatic polypod vessels and their way to Europe

  • PERLÈS, Catherine / From the Near East to Greece: let’s reverse the focus – Cultural elements that didn’t transfer

  • LICHTER, Clemens / Concluding remarks

  • REINGRUBER, Agathe - Laurens THISSEN / Appendix / 14C database for the Aegean catchment (Eastern Greece, Southern Balkans and Western Turkey) 10.000-5500 cal BC

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