From Lukka to Lycia The Land of Sarpedon / Lukka'dan Likya'ya. Sarpedon ve Aziz Nikolaos'un Ulkesi


ISBN / ISSN: 9789750837104
Publish date and place: 2016 / İstanbul
Language: Turkish, English
Cover Type: Softcover
Condition: New
Product Size: 235 x 330 mm
Product Weight: 3500 gr

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604 pp, color figures, pb, in Turkish-English bilingual.

The Lycian Civilization is the product of an ancient Anatolian people known as the Lukka. The traces of this people, who spoke a language related to Luwian, have now been dated as far back as the prehistoric period by recent research, which constitutes another important step towards understanding the history of Anatolia. The Lukka people fought with the Hittites against Ramses II in the Battle of Qadeš, while the Lycians became the symbol of the Anatolian peoples when, led by Sarpedon, they came to the aid of the Trojans in the epic poem The Iliad and thus left their mark on history. With its uniquely distinctive culture, Lycia is one of the best known and investigated regions of Anatolia. Roughly coinciding with today’s Teke Peninsula, this rugged geography isolated Lycia from the surrounding cultural zones, thus allowing it to compile an impressive cultural inventory of its own.

The book you are holding in your hands attempts to introduce this extraordinary civilization to the reader through the latest findings and scientific approach by the experts in thefield.


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