Places and Spaces in Hittite Anatolia I: Hatti and the East


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ISBN / ISSN: 9786059680486
Publish date and place: 2017 / İstanbul
Language: English
Cover Type: Hardcover
Condition: New
Product Weight: 650 gr

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Proceedings of an International Workshop on Hittite Historical Geography in Istanbul, 25th-26th October 2013 

236 pp, pb, articles in English


  • Massimo FORLANINI / The Ancient Land of “Northern” Kumma?a and Aripša “Inside the Sea” 

  • Dirk Paul MIELKE / Hittite Settlement Policy 

  • Andreas SCHACHNER / The Historical Development of the Urban Geography of Hattuša, the Hittite Capital City, and Beyond

  • Ozlem SIR GAVAZ / The Location of the City of Matilla: A New Look 

  • Kimiyoshi MATSUMURA / The Ancitent City Connecting the East and West: Büklükale 

  • Sevket DONMEZ / The Contribution of New Research to Hittite Historical Geography of Amasya Province 

  • Aslihan YURTSEVER BEYAZIT / Amasya Province During the Hittite Period in the Light of New Evidence 

  • Cigdem MANER / Searching for ?upišna Hittite Remains in Ereğli Kara Höyük and Tont Kalesi 

  • Stefano de MARTINO / The Region of Ankara at the Hittite Age: The “Province” of Ka/iššiya in a Diachronic Perspective 

  • N. Ilgi GERCEK  / “The Knees of the Storm-god”: Aspects of the Administration and Socio-Political Dynamics of ?atti’s Frontiers 

  • Federico MANUELLI / ?atti and the East. A Reassessment of the Archaeological Evidence from the Upper Euphrates Region: Places, Spaces and Artifacts 

  • Atilla ENGIN / Second Millennium BC Settlement Patterns in the East of the Upper Kızılırmak Basin

  • Metin ALPARSLAN / The Upper Land: Borders of a Political and Geographical Landscape 

  • Muge BULU / A New Look at the Periphery of the Hittite Empire: Re-evaluating Middle and Late Bronze Age Settlements of the Amuq Valley in the Light of Ceramics

  • Ahmet UNAL / Cilicia between Empires

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