The Neolithic of Central Anatolia. Internal Developments and External Relations during the 9th - 6th millennia cal BC


Antiquarian book.
ISBN / ISSN: 9789758070527
Publish date and place: 2002 / İstanbul
Language: English
Cover Type: Softcover
Condition: New
Product Size: 195 x 275 mm
Product Weight: 850 gr

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348 pp incl. numerous b/w and colour figures and charts, pb.


  • Contributors to the CANeW Table Ronde

  • GERARD, Frederic - Laurens THISSEN / Introduction to the CANeW Project –

  • PERROT, Jean / On terminology in Near Eastern prehistory

  • THISSEN, Laurens / Time trajectories for the Neolithic of Central Anatolia

  • CESSFORD, Craig / Bayesian statistics and the dating of Çatalhöyük East

  • KUZUCUOGLU, Catherine / The environmental frame in Central Anatolia from the 9th to the 6th millennia cal BC. An introduction to the study of relations between environmental conditions and the development of human societies

  • WORLDRING, Henk / Climate change and the onset of sedentism in Cappadocia

  • OZBASARAN, Mihriban - Hijlke BUITENHUIS / Proposal for a regional terminology for Central Anatolia

  • BINDER, Didier / Stones making sense: what obsidian could tell about the origins of teh Central Anatolian Neolithic

  • MATTHEWS, Roger / Homogeneity versus diversity: dynamics of the Central Anatolian Neolithic

  • GERARD, Frederic / Transformations and societies in the Neolithic of Central Anatolia

  • CANEVA, Isabella / Ethnicity as a form of social relationship between Neolithic Cilicia and Central Anatolia

  • SUMMERS, Geoffrey / Concerning the identification, location and distribution of the Neolithic and Chalcolithic settlements in Central Anatolia

  • BAIRD, Douglas / Early Holocene settlement in Central Anatolia: problems and prospects as seen from the Konya Plain

  • LICHTER, Clemens / Central Western Anatolia – a key region in the neolithisation of Europe?

  • DURU, Gunes / Some architectural indications for the origins of Central Anatolia

  • ASOUTI, Eleni - Andrew FAIRBAIRN / Subsistence economy in Central Anatolia during the Neolithic: the archaeobotanical evidence

  • MARTIN, Louise - Nerissa RUSSELL, and Denise CARRUTHERS / Animal remains from the Central Anatolian Neolithic

  • BUITENHUIS, Hijlke / Two annotated charts of the state of archaeozoological research in Central and Western Anatolia, 10,000-5000 cal BC

  • DURING, Bleda / Cultural dynamics of the Central Anatolian Neolithic: the Early Ceramic Neolithic – Late Ceramic Neolithic Transition

  • BISCHOFF, Damien / Symbolic worlds of Central and Southeast Anatolia in the Neolithic

  • OZDOGAN, Mehmet / Defining the Neolithic of Central Anatolia

  • HAUPTMANN, Harald / Upper Mesopotamia in its regional context during the Early Neolithic

  • KUNIHOLM, Peter - Maryanne NEWTON / Radiocarbon and dendrochronology

  • ERDUR, Oguz / Pages from the secret memoirs of a tape-transcriber: a Nietzschean note on knowledge

  • BISCHOFF, Damien - Frederic GERARD and Laurens THISSEN / Concluding remarks and outlook

  • THISSEN, Laurens / Appendix I. The CANeW 14C databases. Anatolia, 10,000-5000 cal BC

  • GERARD, Frederic / Appendix II. The CANeW Central Anatolian sites database, 10,000-5000 cal BC


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