ZEUGMA Between two Worlds: The Houses and Tombs of Zeugma from Life to Eternity


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ISBN / ISSN: 9786254051715
Publish date and place: 2021 / İstanbul
Language: English
Cover Type: Hardcover
Condition: New
Product Size: 250 x 330 mm
Product Weight: 3000 gr

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406 pp, color figures, index, cloth hb with dust jacket, in English.

  • Preface

  • Zeugma in History, Kutalmış Görkay

  • Research History, Kutalmış Görkay

  • New Research at Zeugma, Kutalmış Görkay

  • An Overview of Roman Houses in Zeugma, Kutalmış Görkay

  • Convivia and Spaces, Kutalmış Görkay

  • Residents, Divided Houses, Spaces and Lives, Kutalmış Görkay

  • Traces of Military Culture in Houses and Tombs, Kutalmış Görkay

  • Walls that Speak: Pictorial and Written Graffiti in Houses, Kutalmış Görkay

  • Living in Colour: Wall Decorations in the Houses of Zeugma, Kutalmış Görkay

  • Mosaics in the Roman Houses of Zeugma, Kutalmış Görkay 

  • Little Things With Big Meanings: Small Finds in Houses, Çiğdem Gençler-Güray

  • Religious Festivals and Traditions: An Assessment of Terracotta Figurines in Domestic Contexts, İlter Tanrıverdi

  • Changing Economic Balances on the Eastern Frontier of Rome: Coin Finds in Zeugma, Fatich Toumpan 

  • Culinary Culture and Eating Habits in Zeugma Through Pottery Finds, Ayşe Fatma Erol – Safiye Aydın 

  • Shaping Light and Colour: Glass Finds from Zeugma, Öznur Semiz

  • The Houses of Zeugma in Late Antiquity: Social, Cultural and Economic Changes, Mesut Dilaver

  • Houses of Eternity: The Necropolises and Tombs of Zeugma, Hüseyin Yaman

  • The Family Tomb of Areisteos, Kutalmış Görkay

  • Glossary

  • Bibliography

  • Index

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