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  • Warfare, Law and Pseudo-History

  • Author: Imber, Colin

  • Publisher: ISIS

  • ISBN: 9789754284508

  • Publication Date & Place: 2011 / İstanbul

  • (Antiquarian / Condition: New)

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Book details

Analecta Isisiana CXIV

214 pp, pb, in English.

  • Guillaume Postel on temporary marriage’, in Sabine Prätor (ed.), Frauen, Bilder und Gelehrte: Studien zu Gesellschaft und Künsten im Osmanischen Reich, Istanbul: Simurg Historia (2002), 179-183.
  • ‘The cultivation of wasteland in Hanafī and Ottoman law’, Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientarum Hungaricae, 61 (2008), 102-112. 
  • ‘Women as outsiders: the inheritance of agricultural land in the Ottoman Empire.’, in Jutta Gisela Sperling and Shona Kelly Wray (eds.), Women, Property and Law in the Wider Mediterranean, New York: Routledge (2010), 256-269
  • ‘The law of the land’ in Christine Woodhead (ed.), The Ottoman World, London: Routledge, (2011), 41-56.
  • ‘Fiqh for beginners: an Anatolian text on jihād’, in Studies in Islamic and Middle Eastern Texts and Traditions in Memory of Norman Calder, in G.R. Hawting, J.A. Mojaddedi and A Samely (eds.), Journal of Semitic Studies Supplement 12, Oxford University Press (2000), 137-148. 
  • ‘The Caliphate’ in Colin Imber, Ebu’s-su‘ud: The Islamic Legal Tradition, Chapter IV, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University (1997), 98-111. 
  • ‘Four Letters of Ebu’s-su‘ud’, Arab Historical Review for Ottoman Studies, 15-16 (1997), 177-183.
  • ‘Die Thronbesteigungen der osmanischen Sultane. Die Entwicklung einer Zeremonie’, in Marion Steinicke and Stefan Weinfurter (eds.), Investitur- und Krönungsrituale, Cologne: Böhlau (2005), 291-304. 
  • ‘The Crusade of Varna: what motivated the crusaders?’ in Matthew Dimmock and Andrew Hadfield (eds.), Religions of the Book: Christian Perceptions, 1400-1660, Basingstoke: Palgrave (2008), 45-65 
  • ‘Ibrahim Peçevi on war: a note on the European “military revolution”’, in Keiko Kiyotaki, Rhoads Murphey and Colin Imber (eds.), Frontiers of Ottoman Studies vol. 2, London: I.B.Tauris, 2005, 7-22. 
  • ‘The battle of Sufiyan, 1605: a symptom of Ottoman military decline?’ in Prof. Mehmet İpşirli Armağanı, forthcoming.
  • ‘Before the Kapudan Pashas: sea power and the emergence of the Ottoman empire’, in Elizabeth Zachariadou (ed.), The Kapudan Pasha: his office and his domain, Rethymnon: Crete University Press (2002), 49-59.
  • ‘The origin of the Janissaries’, in Jan Schmidt (ed.), Journal of Turkish Studies, 26/II (2002), 15-19 
  • ‘“An illiberal descent”: Kemalism and Ottoman Law’, Eurasian Studies, IV.2 (2005 [2007]), 215-243.
  • ‘What does ghazi actually mean?’ in Çiğdem Balım and Colin Imber (eds.) The Balance of Truth: Essays in Honour of Professor Geoffrey Lewis, Istanbul: Isis Press (2000) 165-178


ISBN 13 9789754284508
Language English
Binding Softcover
Dimensions 160 x 235 mm
Weight 450 gr.
Condition New
Publisher ISIS
Author Imber, Colin

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