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  • Writing the Ottomans into World History

  • Author: Aksan, Virginia H.

  • Publisher: ISIS

  • ISBN: 9789754285710

  • Publication Date & Place: 2016 / İstanbul

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Book details

Analecta Isisiana CXLI

473 pp, pb, in English.


I. War and Society 1700-1900

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II. Comparative Empires

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III. Review Articles

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  • “Finding the Way Back to the Ottoman Empire: Review Article,” International History Review 25 (2003), 96-107.
  • “Ottoman Military Matters,” review article of 12 works, Journal of Early Modern History 6 (2002), 52-62.
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  • “What’s Up in Ottoman Studies?” Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association 1:1-2 (2014), 3-21.


ISBN 13 9789754285710
Language English
Binding Softcover
Dimensions 160 x 235 mm
Weight 600 gr.
Condition New
Publisher ISIS
Author Aksan, Virginia H.

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