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  • The Detailed Annual Revenue Register of the Ottoman Empire H. 1076 (1665-66) Cizye, Avarız, Ocaklık, Adet - i Ağnam, Gümrük, Tuzla and Mukataa

  • Author: Demiryurek, Mehmet

  • Publisher: ISIS

  • ISBN: 9789754286403

  • Publication Date & Place: 2020 / İstanbul

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Book details

116 pp, pb, in English.



  • Sheep Tax Levied on the Camels Duty of the State: Balance and Legitimacy Methodology The Importance of this Detailed Register An Undated Detailed Annual Revenue Register of the Ottoman Empire

DEVLET-İ ALİYYE'NİN MUFASSAL İRÂD DEFTERİ - The Annual Revenue of the Ottoman Central Treasury

  • 1.Tab‘i Kalem-i Muhasebe-i Evvel
  • 2. Tab‘i Kalem-i Muhasebe-i Cizye
  • 3. Tab‘i Kalem-i Muhasebe-i Haremeyn-üş-Şerifeyn
  • 4. Tab‘i Kalem-i Mukataa-i Haremeyn-üş-Şerifeyn
  • 5. Tab‘i Kalem-i Mukataa-i Maden
  • 6. Tab‘i Kalem-i Mukataa-i Evvel
  • 7. Tab‘i Kalem-i Ziyâde-i Cizye
  • 8. Tab‘i Kalem-i Mukataa-i Brusa
  • 9. Tab‘i Kalem-i Mukataa-i Haslar
  • 10. Tab‘i Kalem-i Mukataa-i Kefe
  • 1. Tab‘i Kalem-i Mukataa-i Avlonya
  • 12. Tab‘i Kalem-i Mukataa-i Istanbul
  • 13. Tab‘i Kalem-i Cedide Ulâ
  • 14. Tab‘i Kalem-i Mukataa-i Eğriboz
  • 15. Tab‘i Kalem-i Mevkufât
  • 16. Tab‘i Kalem-i Mukataa-i Ağnam
  • 17. Tab‘i Kalem-i Muhasebe-i Anadolu
  • Glossary
  • Index

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