Cambridge Ancient History V.7 P.2

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ISBN / ISSN: 0521234468
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2007 / Cambridge
Dil: İngilizce
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This volume of the second edition of the Cambridge Ancient History traces the history of Rome from its origins to the eve of the Second Punic War. Although the period covered is essentially the same as in the undivided Volume VII of the first edition, the treatment of the material is completely fresh and is much more extensive. Account is taken of new scholarly insights and of the considerable amount of new evidence, much of it archaeological, which has become available since the first edition was published. After a survey of the sources of our information the origins of Rome are discussed, beginning with the first discernible traces of the bronze Age settlement and going on to an assessment of the regal period. The complex and often controversial history of the early Republic is examined with reference to its internal development, the evolution of its relationships with the Latins, and the remorseless, if occasionally erratic, advance of Roman power in parts of Italy less immediately adjacent to the city. These developments are traced further in relation to the intervention of Pyrrhus and its aftermath, leading to consideration of Rome’s relationships with Carthage, the First Punic War, and the beginnings of overseas empire. Rome is considered from a different perspective in a chapter on society and religion.

List of tables; List of maps; List of text-figures; Preface; 1. The sources for early Roman history R. M. Ogilvie and A. Drummond; 2. Archaic Rome between Latium and Etruria M. Torelli; 3. The origins of Rome A. Momigliano; 4. Rome in the fifth century I: the social and economic framework A. Drummond; 5. Rome in the fifth century II: the citizen community A. Drummond; 6. Rome and Latium to 390 B.C. T. J. Cornell; 7. The recovery of Rome T. J. Cornell; 8. The conquest of Italy T. J. Cornell; 9. Rome and Italy in the early third century E. S. Staveley; 10. Pyrrhus P. R. Franke; 11. Carthage and Rome H. H. Scullard; 12. Religion in republican Rome J. A. North; Appendix; Chronological table; Bibliography; Index.

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