Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Turkey

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ISBN / ISSN: 9786059680257
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2016 / İstanbul
Dil: İngilizce
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Kondisyon: Yeni
Ürün Boyutları: 195 x 275 mm
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416 s, s/b resimler, İngilizce.

Conservation of Cultural Heritage in TURKEY is published on the occasion of the ICOMOS 2016 Annual General Assembly and Advisory Committee meeting in Istanbul.

The book brings together a collection of researches on archaeology, architectural and urban history, cultural routes, conservation education, urban conservation, management of World Heritage sites and case studies related to the archaeological, vernacular, urban, industrial and military heritage of the country.

Turkish conservation practice shares many concerns and issues with the conservation activity conducted in other parts of the world. The articles offer a spectrum of the cultural heritage in Turkey and the efforts for its conservation.




  • Can, Cengiz / The Architectural Heritage of the Late Ottoman Period

  • Batur, Afife / On Istanbul’s Art Nouveau Architecture

  • Dinçer, İclal – Zeynep Enlil / A Reading of Istanbul’s Protected Sites Through the Lenses of Cultural Landscapes and Historic Urban Landscapes

  • Erkan, Yonca Kösebay / Railway Heritage: A Nexus for Sustainable Development

  • Vatan, Meltem / Lessons Learned from Earthquake Damage to Masonry Domed Monuments in Istanbul

  • Acar, Damla / Ottoman Cost Estimates as a Source for Architectural Conservation:

  • Late Nineteenth Century Wall Construction Techniques of Yıldız Palace Buildings

  • Erdem, Ayten / Restoration and Re-Evaluation of the Cascade Kiosk in Yıldız Palace / Istanbul


  • Durusoy, Elifnaz / Cultural Routes: An Evaluation for the Turkish Case

  • Dinçer, H. Yüksel / Cappadocia: Contemporary Protection Problems, Practices and Solutions in a World Heritage Site

  • Kayın, Emel / Evaluation of Conservation Practices in Izmir: Urban and Architectural Approaches in the Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries

  • Dostoğlu, Neslihan / Site Management Process in a Unesco World Heritage Site: Bursa

  • Yıldırım, Ege / Aspirations for Sustainable Development: The Case of the Mudurnu Site Management Process

  • Akın, Nur / A Dam Reservoir and Extinction of a Culture: Halfeti

  • Seçkin, Nadide – Ayten Erdem / Sustainable Rural Architecture in Turkey: Buldan’s Orchard Houses

  • Rifaioğlu, Mert Nezih / Conservation and Management Requirements for Rural Cultural Landscapes of Antakya

  • Levi, Eti Akyüz / Conservation Courses in Undergraduate Architecture Education in Turkey


  • Eres, Zeynep / Problems Related to the Conservation and Presentation of Archaeological Sites in Consideration of Developing Social Awareness: A Turkish Perspective

  • Güçhan, Neriman Şahin / Holistic Conservation of a Unesco World Heritage Site: Mount Nemrut Tumulus

  • Binan, Demet Ulusoy / Traditional Residential Architecture of Bergama in the Context of Urban Archaeology and Multi-Layered Cultural Heritage

  • Gök, Tamer – Burak Belge / Tarsus City: Conservation Issues of a Multi-Layered Cultural Heritage

  • Uçar, Meltem / Historical Water System of Gaziantep

  • Thys-Şenocak, Lucienne – Gizem Dörter / Fortifications in Turkey: The Ottoman Frontier Fortresses at Seddülbahir and Upper Rumeli Kavak

  • Avşar, Öncü Başoğlan – Umut Devrim Genç / A Multi-Layered Cultural Site in Muğla: Eskihisar Village

  • Sayar, Mustafa H. / Urbanisation Process in Southeastern Thrace during Late Antiquity: Vth-VIth Centuries

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