International Bead and Beadwork Conference

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ISBN / ISSN: 9789758919321
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2007 / İstanbul
Dil: İngilizce
Cilt Tipi: Karton kapak
Kondisyon: Yeni
Ürün Ağırlığı: 1320 gr

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  • Kenoyer, Jonathan Mark / Stone Beads in Ancient South Asia-7000 to 600 BC

  • Atik, Şeniz / A series of Mycenaean Glass Beads from Lindos,Turkey

  • Sevin, Necla - Veli Sevin / Eastern Anatolian Beads in the Light of Van Excavations

  • Lankton, James / How does a Bead Mean? An Archaeologist's Approach

  • Spear, Maud / The Beads from the renewed Excavations at Hazor

  • Allen, Jamey D. / Mistaken Identity: The Misrepresantation of Beads in the Antiques Marketplace

  • Donnan, Christopher / Moche Beads from Ancient Peru

  • Wood, Marilee / How Glass Beads from Southern and Eastern Africa Shed New Light on the Indian Ocean Trade of Islamic Period

  • Odoemene, Akachi  / Royalty Sheathed in Beads

  • Carey, Margret / The History and Manufacture of "Garden Roller" Beads at Zimbabwe

  • Nicholls, Jean / Australian Aboriginal Beads

  • Dhamija, Jasleen / Beads of Purity and Protection

  • Munan, Heidi (Adelheid) / Ritual and Heirloom Beads of the Borneo Indigenous People

  • Withers, Sara / The Arkell Bead Collection at the Pitt Rivers Museum

  • Kanungo, Alok Kumar / The Impact of Social and Political Change upon the User of Beads Among the Konyaks of Nagaland, India

  • Gilvin, Amanda and Nomoda E. Djaba / Gender, Education and Aesthetic Change in the Kroba Bead Industry

  • Chavez, Frederick / The Japanese Multimetal Ojime Bead

  • Allen, Jamey D. / Trade Beads

  • Tomalin, Stefany / Realistic Replicas, Ingenious Imitations, Fantastic Fakes, Collecting Brazen Copies in the World of Beads

  • Sode, Torben / Traditional Glass-Beadmakers in Turkey

  • Özdemir, Melda / The Use of Beads in Turkish Crafts

  • Dustin, Kathleen / The early Development of Polymer Clay in Beadmaking

  • Sawamoto, Emiko / A Nail that Sticks Up 

  • Holloway, Joyce / The Effects and Counter Effects of the Internet on the Marketing and Collecting of Beads

  • Anderson, Katie / The Peter Francis Jr. Archival Collection at the Bead Museum

  • Shannon, Anna-Maria / Fashionable Perfection

  • Hector, Valerie / Opening Remarks

  • Çelik, Ethem / Contemporary Turkish Prisoner Beadwork

  • Gülten Kurt - Tevhide Özbağ / Needle Beadwork in Konya-Seydisehir

  • Kimball, Jane - Adele Recklies / Turkish Prisoner-of-War and Balkan Beadwork

  • Tansuğ, Sabiha / The Mysterious Power of Beads in Anatolian Beadwork

  • Miriam Milgram / Ethnographic Perspectives on the Use of Seed Beads in Balkan Textile Folk Art: 3 Case Studies

  • Kawar, Widad / Ethnographic Bead Necklaces in the Arab World

  • Özdemir, Melda / The Use of Beads in Turkish Handwork Products

  • Çini, Çiğdem / The Embellished World of Anatolian Women

  • Atlıhan, Şerife / The Beads on the Woven Girdles of Anatolia 

  • Özsayıner, Zübeyde Cihan / Bead Embroidered Calligraphy Panels Located in the Collection of the Waqf Museum of the Turkish Art of Calligraphy

  • Jolles, Frank / Negotiating Relationships Through Beadwork (Zulu peoples, South Africa)

  • Kaufmann, Carol / Blombos to Bling - 75,000 BP to the Present: South African Beadwork Adornment from Iziko Museums 

  • Dlamini, Phumzile / Women's Contributions to the South African Economy

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  • Dubin, Lois – Keynote Address / Thwarting the Evil Eye: Beads and Amulets Throughout History

  • Toi, Juliette Leeb-du / Deciphering the Zulu Love Letter ('Ucu'): Readings from the 1950's That Challenge Popular Stereotypes in the present

  • Carey, Magret / Beadwork: Two African Puzzles  

  • Duncan, Kate / Beads, Blossoms and Dancing Boots: Subarctic Athapaskan Beadwork and Identity

  • Morris, Carole / Early 17th Century English Beadwork Purses 

  • Karklins, Karlis / Souvenir Beadwork of the Six Nations Iroquois, North America

  • Yurova, Elena S. / Russian Beadwork in Connection with Russian History

  • Dhamija, Jasleen / Beaded Enrichment: Beadwork of Gujarat and Rajasthan, India

  • Hector, Valerie  / Respect and Cherish Written Words: Interpreting Inscriptions in Mainland Chinese Beadwork from the Ming Dynasty to the Present Day

  • Cheah, Hwei-Fe'n / Between East and West: Peranakan Chinese Beadwork from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

  • Munan, Heidi / The Endusers - Beadwork Culture of the Dayak of Borneo

  • Chatt, David / Two Hands, Twenty Years, and a Billion Beads

  • Hector, Valerie / Closing Remarks and Farewell

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