Nostoi. Indigenous Culture, Migration and Integration in the Aegean Islands and Western Anatolia during the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age

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ISBN / ISSN: 9786055250492
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2015 / İstanbul
Dil: İngilizce
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1002 s, renkli ve s/b resimler, İngilizce makaleler.

Nostoi. Indigenous Culture, Migration and Integration in the Aegean Islands and Western Anatolia during the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age is presenting one comprehensive volume with papers discussing various aspects of the intercultural contact between West Anatolia and the Aegean during the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age. The conference proceedings are focusing on the various Anatolian and Aegean cross-cultural “interfaces”, the archaeological testimonies of the “indigenous” population, the impact of the Hittite, Mycenaean and Ionian migration movements, on the pre-existing population, as well as inter-cultural and cross-cultural mingling of the Aegean and Anatolia or vice versa.


  • Introduction


  • Hawkins, J. David / The Political Geography of Arzawa (Western Anatolia) 

  • Mountjoy, Penelope A. / The East Aegean - West Anatolian Interface in the 12th Century BC: Some Aspects Arising from the Mycenaean Pottery 

  • Pavúk, Peter / Between the Aegeans and the Hittites: Western Anatolia in the 2nd Millennium BC

  • Becks, Ralf / Settlement Patterns and Socio-Political Landscape of Western Anatolian in the Middle and Late Bronze Age: A Geoarchaeological View

  • Alparslan, Metin / The History of the Arzawan State during the Hittite Period


  • Bachvarova, Mary R. / Migrations in Anatolian Narrative Traditions 

  • Chabot Aslan, Carolyn - Pavol Hnila /  Migration and Integration at Troy from the End of the Late Bronze Age to the Iron Age 

  • Kopanias, Konstantinos / The Mushki/Phrygian Problem from the Near Eastern Point of View

  • Fragkopoulou, Florentia / Ionian Migration: Certainties and Underlying Uncertainties 

  • Sweeney, Naoíse Mac / Violence and the Ionian Migration: Representation and Reality


  • Seroglou, Fani K. - Dimitris Sfakianakis / Bridging North and South: The Dodecanese Islands and the "Eastern Insular Arc" between Crete and Anatolia during the Late Bronze Age

  • Eerbeek, Jacob / The ‘Mycenaeans’ in the Southeast Aegean Revisited: An Inter-Regional Comparison

  • Vitale, Salvatore - Arianna Trecarichi / The Koan Tradition during the Mycenaean Age: A Contextual and Functional Analysis of Local Ceramics from the “Serraglio”, Eleona, and Langada

  • Vlachopoulos, Andreas - Mercourios Georgiadis / The Cyclades and the Dodecanese during the Post−Palatial Period: Heterogeneous Developments of a Homogeneous Culture

  • Earle, Jason W. / Mycenaeanization on Melos: A View from the Phylakopi Pantries

  • Girella, Luca - Peter Pavúk / Minoanisation, Acculturation, Hybridisation: The Evidence of the Minoan Presence in the North East Aegean between the Middle and Late Bronze Age

  • Dale, Alexander / Greek Ethnics in -ηνος and the Name of Mytilene

  • Coluccia, Luigi / Hephaestia: New Data on the Mycenaean Presence on Lemnos during the Late Bronze Age

  • Danile, Laura / The Indigenous Culture of Hephaestia (Lemnos) at the beginning of the Iron Age:

  • Ancient Sources, Mythical Tradition, and Archaeological Data


  • Yener, K. Aslihan / A Monumental Middle Bronze Age Apsidal Building at Alalakh 

  • Yağci, Remzi / Kizzuwatna in the Bronze Age and in Later Periods: Continuity and/or Discontinuity? 

  • Ünlü, Elif / Late Bronze - Early Iron Age Painted Pottery from the Northeast Mediterranean Settlements 

  • Hürmüzlü, Bilge - Paul Iversen / Notes on Cultural Interaction in Northwest Pisidia in the Iron Age

  • Momigliano, Nicoletta - Belgin Aksoy / Lycia Before Lycians: The Elusive Second Millennium BC in Southwest Turkey and the Çaltılar Archaeological Project

  • Kaiser, Ivonne - Julien Zurbach / Late Bronze Age Miletus: The Anatolian Face

  • Krumme, Michael / Geometric Miletus

  • Şahoğlu, Vasif / Çeşme-Bağlararası: A Western Anatolian Harbour Settlement at the beginning of the Late Bronze Age

  • Meriç, Recep - Ali Kazim Öz / Bademgediği Tepe (Puranda) Near Metropolis 

  • Günel, Sevinç / Çine-Tepecik: New Contributions on Late Bronze Age Cultures in Western Anatolia 

  • Mangaloğlu-Votruba, Sila / Liman Tepe during the Late Bronze Age

Part 4: TRADE

  • Michailidou, Anna / Profit Oriented Traders in the Aegean and Anatolia in the 2nd Millennium BC: Inter-Cultural Concepts of Measurement and Value

  • Kozal, Ekin / Study of Imports in Late Bronze Age Anatolia: Identification, Definition, Chronological, and Spatial  Analysis


  • Teffeteller, Annette / Songs by Land and Sea Descending: Anatolian and Aegean Poetic Traditions

  • Mouton, Alice - Ian Rutherford / Arzawan Rituals and Greek Religion

  • Giannakos, Konstantinos / The Aegean-Type Sword Found at Hattuša and the Written Sources about the Exchange of Technology at the Late Bronze Age

  • Zenoni, Gioia / From Western to Eastern Anatolia: Reconsidering the Aegean Presence in the Peripheries of the Hittite World

  • Simon, Zsolt / Against the Identification of Karkiša with Carians

  • Vaessen, Rik / The Ionian Migration and Ceramic Dynamics in Ionia at the End of the Second Millennium BC: Some Preliminary Thoughts

  • Maner, Çiğdem / When East Meets West: The Social Identity of Western Anatolia 

  • Mikrakis, Manolis / Cross-Cultural Interaction in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Early Iron Age: A View from Seal Engraving, with Special Reference to the Lyre-Player Group 

  • Pieniazek, Magda / At the Crossroads: Dress and Body Ornaments in the Northeastern Aegean 

  • Gorogianni, Evi - Joanne Cutler - Rodney D.Fitzsimons / Something Old, Something New: Non-local Brides as Catalysts for Cultural Exchange at Ayia Irini, Kea? 

  • Agelarakis, Anagnostis Pan. / Klazomenaeans of Three Continents: Emphasis on the 7th c. BC

  • Editors

  • Contributors

  • Index

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