The Archaeology of Mediterranean Prehistory

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ISBN / ISSN: 9780631232674
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2005 / Oxford
Dil: İngilizce
Cilt Tipi: Sert kapak
Kondisyon: Yeni
Ürün Ağırlığı: 550 gr

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In prehistory the Mediterranean was home to a range of peoples who developed profoundly different beliefs, material cultures, and ways of life. In spite of such diversity, scholars are now looking beyond the divisions that separate the modern Mediterranean into nation-states in favor of links based on commonalities of climate, geography, and social interaction. This collection offers a comprehensive introduction to the archaeology of Mediterranean prehistory and an essential reference to the most recent research and fieldwork therein. Written by 16 of the leading archaeologists in the field, this book presents the central debates in Mediterranean prehistory: trade and interaction, rural economies, ritual, social structure, gender, monumentality, insularity, archaeometallurgy and the metals trade, stone technologies, settlement, and maritime traffic, as well as contemporary legacies of the Mediterranean's prehistoric past. Case studies span the Neolithic through the Iron Age, and are drawn from all the major regions of the Mediterranean coast and islands. The only book available to offer general coverage of the field, Archaeology of Mediterranean Prehistory includes an introductory overview that situates this work in larger Mediterranean scholarship and offers new insights into the histories of ancient Mediterranean peoples.

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