Ottoman Architecture and Balyan Archive

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ISBN / ISSN: 9786055495671
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2021 / İstanbul
Dil: Türkçe
Cilt Tipi: Sert kapak
Kondisyon: Yeni
Ürün Boyutları: 260 x 310 mm
Ürün Ağırlığı: 2500 gr

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  • Looking into the Balyan Architecture Archive / Arsen Yarman
  • With Respect to the Balyan Family and Imperial Architects 
  • HAYCAR - Solidarity Association of Architects and Engineers for the Revitalization and Research of Cultural Assets
  • Remembering the Balyans / Kevork Özkaragöz



  • Beyond Function: Balyan Architecture with Myths and Prejudices
  • Balyan Archive: Pile of Memories and Journey of Classification
  • Architect Balyans


  • Balyan Family and Its Origins
  • Krikor Bal(i)yan (1764-1831) and the Birth of a Family Practice
  • Senekerim Balyan (1768-1833)
  • The Last Amira Architect Garabed Balyan (1800-1866) 
  • Education of Garabed Balyan’s Children
  • A Young Genius: Nigoğos Balyan (1826-1858) 
  • Architect, Engineer and Versatile Tanzimat Elite Sarkis Balyan (1831-1899)
  • Death of the Great Patron, Stroke of Fate and Final Period of Balyan Practice
  • Sarkis Balyan as an Engineer-Mechanician and Inventor
  • Art Patron and Intellectual Architect: Hagop Balyan (1837-1875)
  • A Drawing Master and Imperial Draughtsman: Simon Balyan (1846-1894)
  • Last Architect of the Balyan Practice: Levon Balyan (1855-1925)


  • Imperial Palaces and Organization of Large Scale Construction Sites: Silence of the Construction Sites
  • A Pledge of Progress and a Visual Negotiation: Photography in the Representation of Sarkis Balyan’s Architecture
  • Portrait of the Architect


  • Beyond Time and Geography: Multiple Sources of Balyan Eclecticism
  • Balyan Practice as a Pioneer of Neo-Gothic Elements in Tanzimat Architecture
  • History as an Encyclopedic Source
  • An Egalitarian Demand: Influences on Çırağan and Beylerbeyi Palaces
  • New Methodologies in the Search of a National Style and Ottoman Renaissance
  • From Imperial Architect to Imperial Palace Master Builder: The Position of Architect in the Architectural Organization of Tanzimat Period


Ottoman Palace and Residential Architecture in the Tanzimat Era

  • Imperial Palaces on the Banks of Bosphorus
  • The Çırağan Palace of Sultan Mahmud II
  • Dolmabahçe: The Absolute Model of Tanzimat Palaces
  • The Design Model Integrating the Old Palace into the New Complex: Beylerbeyi
  • Nigoğos Balyan’s Facade Proposal for the New Çırağan Palace and Horror Vacui
  • Sarkis and Hagop Balyan’s Eastern, Polychrome Facade Proposals for the New Çırağan Palace
  • The New Çırağan Palace
  • Monumental Coastal Line from Çırağan to Fer’iye Palaces
  • Sarkis Balyan’s Expansion Project for Yıldız Palace Büyük Mabeyn Kiosk
  • The Balyans and Imperial Feasts in the Tanzimat Period
  • A Project by Antoine Bourgeois in the Balyan Archive
  • In the Pursuit of an Ideal Plan: Kiosk and Pavilion Designs
  • Kabataş Esma Sultan Mansion
  • An Exception of Balyan Architecture: Middle Class Housing Designs

Decoration for the Empire

  • Decoration of the 19th Century Ottoman Palaces
  • Perspective Drawings by “Serkis Bey” in the Nubar Library, Paris
  • Parisian Furniture, Chandelier and Furniture Designs in the Balyan Archive
  • A Conceptual Spolia: Re-use of Çırağan Palace’s Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Doors in Yıldız Şale Kiosk’s Dining Hall

New Spaces of the Ottoman Diplomacy

  • Sarkis Balyan’s Reorganization for Chamber of Deputies
  • Sarkis Balyan’s Bâb-ı Âli Building Plan Proposals After the 1878 Fire

Religious Buildings

  • Tanzimat Period Mosques and Contributions of the Balyans
  • Sarkis Balyan’s Four-Minaret Selâtin Mosque Design: Aziziye Mosque
  • The Second Set of Mosque Drawings in the Balyan Archive
  • Church Designs Between the Imperial Capital and the East

New Spaces of the Public Life

  • Sarkis Balyan’s Display Plan for the Collection of Antique Weapons at Hagia Irene
  • Education Buildings
  • Sarkis Balyan’s Galatasaray Imperial High School Plan
  • The Hospital Project in the Balyan Archıve
  • Simon Balyan’s Design Proposal for Sarayburnu Entrepots
  • A Public Building and Landscape Design Project

Military Buildings

  • Military Barrack Designs as a Pioneer for the Idea of Architectural Order
  • Maçka Armoury

Industrial Buildings

  • Dadyan and Balyan Collaboration in the Early Period of the Ottoman Industrialization
  • Imperial Fez Factory
  • Dolmabahçe Gasworks

Rehabilitation of the Tanzimat City: The Balyans and Urban Design




  • About the Index of Balyan Buildings
  • Index of Buildings and People

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