The Builders. Marvels of Engineering

39,00 TL

ISBN / ISSN: 978870448362
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2000 / Washington
Dil: İngilizce
Cilt Tipi: Sert kapak
Kondisyon: Yeni
Ürün Ağırlığı: 1850 gr

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288 s, renkli resimler, sert kapak ciltli, İngilizce.

This fascinating book chronicles some of the world's greatest engineering wonders from ancient times to the present: the longest bridges, the highest dams, the tallest buildings, the grandest cathedrals. Learn how ancient Romans built a highway network that rivals the U.S. interstate system. Explore the world's most ambitious man-made landmarks from the Great Pyramids and St. Peter's Basilica to the Golden Gate Bridge and the English "Chunnel". Six chapters describe engineering feats, highlight the technological breakthroughs, and introduce the builders who made them possible. The Builders celebrates how humankind harnessed nature's power, overcame its challenges, and constructed monuments to our society.

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