The Cambridge Guide to Jewish History, Religion and Culture

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ISBN / ISSN: 9780521689748
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2010 / Cambridge
Dil: İngilizce
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Ürün Boyutları: 253 x 215 mm
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The Cambridge Guide to Jewish History, Religion, and Culture is a comprehensive and engaging overview of Jewish life, from its origins in the ancient Near East to its impact on contemporary popular culture. The twenty-one essays, arranged historically and thematically, and written specially for this volume by leading scholars, examine the development of Judaism and the evolution of Jewish history and culture over many centuries and in a range of locales. They emphasize the ongoing diversity and creativity of the Jewish experience. Unlike previous anthologies, which concentrate on elite groups and expressions of a male-oriented rabbinic culture, this volume also includes the range of experiences of ordinary people and looks at the lives and achievements of women in every place and era. The many illustrations, maps, timeline, and glossary of important terms enhance this book's accessibility to students and general readers.

558 s, 59 s/b resimler, 15 harita, 3 tablo, İngilizce.

Table of Contents

Introduction Judith R. Baskin and Kenneth Seeskin

  1. The Hebrew Bible and the early history of Israel Marc Zvi Brettler

  2. The Second Temple Period Alan F. Segal

  3. The rabbinic movement Hayim Lapin

  4. The Jewish experience in the Muslim world Norman A. Stillman

  5. Jewish life in Western Christendom Robert Chazan

  6. Jews and Judaism in early modern Europe Adam Shear

  7. European Jewry: 1800–1933 Marsha L. Rozenblit

  8. Jews and Judaism in the United States Pamela S. Nadell

  9. The Shoah and its legacies Peter Hayes

10. The founding of modern Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict Bernard Reich

11. The centrality of Talmud Michael S. Berger

12. Judaism as a religious system Harvey E. Goldberg

13. Jewish worship and liturgy Ruth Langer

14. Jewish private life: gender, marriage, and the lives of women Judith R. Baskin

15. Jewish philosophy Kenneth Seeskin

16. Jewish mysticism Hava Tirosh-Samuelson

17. Modern Jewish thought Leora Batnitzky

18. Contemporary forms of Judaism Dana Evan Kaplan

19. Jewish popular culture Jeffrey Shandler

20. Aspects of Israeli society Judith R Baskin

21. The futures of world Jewish communities Calvin Goldscheider



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