The Development of Ottoman Policies Towards Greek Associations (1861-1912)

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ISBN / ISSN: 9786054326907
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2014 / İstanbul
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Greek associational activities in the Ottoman Empire have been seen as agents of the spread of Greek identity among the Greek-Orthodox populations of the Empire. This is no doubt, true. But for the Ottoman bureaucrats, their relationship to these activities signified something more than a confrontation with the spread of a national identity. Throughout the years, Ottoman officials tried to manipulate and direct these activities in a way to support Ottoman legitimacy. In this study, Ottoman documents concerning Greek associations are presented in a way to link them with general developments among the Greek-speaking populations of the empire and with the perception of the Ottoman bureaucracy concerning an Ottoman identity. By focusing on the Ottoman bureaucrats' perceptions and plans in these two fields, this study plans to contribute to the challenging of the standard historiography concerning Greek associations, which deals with the issue in seclusion without paying attention to Ottoman governments' plans and desires.

237 s, İngilizce.


Note on The Transliteration


Chapter I - Introduction 

  • The Tanzimat 

  • The Millet System 

  • Education 

  • Philanthropy 

Chapter II - The Development Of The Legal Environment 

The Ottoman State and Collective Activity 

  • Ottoman Bureaucrats and Greek Words 

  • The Many Uses of the Word Cemiyet

  • Islamic Law and Associations 

  • Monitoring the Associations 

The Development of Ottoman Regulations Concerning Associations 

  • The 1860s 

  • The 1870s 

  • The Hamidian Era 

After the Young Turk Revolution: The 1909 Law of Associations 


Chapter III - Areas Of Activity: Education and Philanthropy


  • Education, Associations and Ottoman Identity after the Young Turk Revolution 


  • Ottoman Bureaucracy and Greek Philanthropic Activity Before the Young Turk Revolution

  • Philanthropy after the Young Turk Revolution


Chapter IV - Ways to Legality: Patriarchal Links and Secular Possibilities

The Place of the Patriarchate in official correspondence on Greek Associations

Secular Possibilities for Greek Associations within the Ottoman Legal System

  • Ottoman Legality and the Meanings of Rum when Used for an Association in the Ottoman Empire

  • Uses of the Term Rum for Associations Outside of the Empire

  • Yunan Associations


Chapter V - Epilogue 

  • Appendix

  • Bibliography


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