The Function of the Minoan Palaces

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Basım yılı ve yeri: 1987 / Stockholm
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Acta Instituti Atheniensis Regni Sueciae, Series in 4° XXXV

Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium at the

Swedish Institute at Athens, 10-16 June, 1984

344 s, s/b resimler, İngilizce, uncut pages.



Background and Methodology

  • Foster, R. Benjamin / The Late Bronze Age palace economy: A view from the East

  • Helck, Wolfgang / The dissolution of the palace economy in the Ramesside period

  • Kilian, Klaus / Zur Funktion der mykenischen Residenzen auf dem griechischen Festland ..

  • Lindgren, Margareta / The function of the Minoan palaces—Myth and reality

  • A. Zois, Antonis / The function of the Minoan palace: A contribution to the definition of the main problem or a model for future research (outline)

  • General discussion

    The Emergence of the Cretan Palaces


  • Warren, P.M. / The genesis of the Minoan palace

  • Hiller, Stefan / Palast und Tempel im Alten Orient und im minoischen Kreta

  • Watrous, L. Vance / The role of the Near East in the rise of the Cretan palaces

  • Cadogan, Gerald / What happened at the Old Palace of Knossos?

  • General discussion

    The Relations of the Palace with Town and Territory


  • Poursat, Jean-Claude / Town and palace at Malia in the protopalatial period (summary)

  • Chrysoulaki, Stella  and Lefteris Platon / Relations between the town and palace of Zakros

  • Effenterre, Henri van / The function of monumentality in the Minoan palaces

  • Peatfield, Alan / Palace and peak: The political and religious relationship between palaces and peak sanctuaries

  • Nixon, Lucia / Neo-palatial outlying settlements and the function of the Minoan palaces

  • General discussion

    News from the Field


  • Shaw,  Joseph W. / A "palatial" stoa at Kommos

  • Tzedakis, Yannis and Stella Chrysoulaki / Neopalatial architectural elements in the area of Chania

  • Tzedakis, Yannis  and Erik Hallager / A clay-sealing from the Greek- Swedish excavations at Khania

  • Kienast, Hermann / Neue Forschungen im Kopais-Becken (Zusammenfassung) 

    The Palaces as Ceremonial and Religious Centres


  • Gesell, Geraldine C. / The Minoan palace and public cult

  • Hagg, Robin / On the reconstruction of the west facade of the palace at Knossos

  • Marinatos, Nanno / Public festivals in the west courts of the palaces

  • Boulotis, Christos / Nochmals zum Prozessionsfresko von Knossos: Palast und Darbringung von Prestige-Objekten

  • Davis, Ellen N. / The Knossos miniature frescoes and the function of the central courts

  • Niemeier, Wolf-Dietrich / On the function of the 'Throne Room' in the palace at Knossos

  • Hallager, Erik / A "Harvest Festival Room" in the Minoan palaces? An architectural study of the Pillar Crypt Area at Knossos

  • Begg, Ian D.J. /  Continuity in the West Wing at Knossos  General discussion

  • Nordfeldt, AnnCharlotte / Residential quarters and lustral basins

  • Palyvou, Cairy / Circulatory patterns in Minoan architecture

  • Hood, Sinclair / Mason's marks in the palaces

  • Beyer, Immo / Der Palasttempel von Phaistos 

  • Saflund, Go'sta / The agoge of the Minoan youth as reflected by palatial iconography

  • Moody,  Jennifer / The Minoan palace as a prestige artifact 

  • General discussion 

    The Palaces as Centres of Trade and Manufacture


  • Branigan, Keith / The economic role of the first palaces 

  • Alexiou, Stylianos / Minoan palaces as centres of trade and manufacture

  • Kopcke, Giinter  /The Cretan palaces and trade

  • Wiener, Malcolm H. / Trade and rule in palatial Crete

  • General discussion 

  • Pelon, Olivier / Minoan palaces and workshops: New data from Malia ...

  • MacGillivray, J.A. / Pottery workshops and the old palaces in Crete

  • Walberg,Gisela / Palatial and provincial workshops in the Middle Minoan period

  • Karen Foster, Polinger / Reconstructing Minoan palatial faience workshops

  • Macdonald, Colin A / Knossian weapon workshop in Late Minoan II and IIIA 

  • Popham, Mervyn / The use of the palace at Knossos at the time of its destruction, c. 1400 B.C 

  • General discussion 

    From Minoan to Mycenaean Administration


  • Palaima, Thomas G. / Preliminary comparative textual evidence for palatial control of economic activity in Minoan and Mycenaean Crete

  • Bennet, John / Knossos and LM III Crete: A post-palatial palace?

  • Hooker, J.T. /  Minoan and Mycenaean administration: A comparison of the Knossos and Pylos archives 

  • Aström, Paul and Karl-Erik Sjtiquist / The scribes and their helpers in the palace at Pylos 

  • General discussion

    The Function of Frescoes in the Palaces


  • Cameron, M.A.S. / The 'palatial' thematic system in the Knossos murals. Last notes on Knossos frescoes 

  • Final discussion 

  • Programme and participants of the symposium

  • Abbreviations

  • Index

  • Index of maps and plans in the text


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