The Oxford Handbook of Hellenic Studies

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ISBN / ISSN: 9780199286140
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2009 / Oxford
Dil: İngilizce
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912 s, sert kapak ciltli, İngilizce.

The Oxford Handbook of Hellenic Studies is a unique collection of some seventy articles which together explore the ways in which ancient Greece has been, is, and might be studied. It is intended to inform its readers, but also, importantly, to inspire them, and to enable them to pursue their own research by introducing the primary resources and exploring the latest agenda for their study. The emphasis is on the breadth and potential of Hellenic Studies as a flourishing and exciting intellectual arena, and also upon its relevance to the way we think about ourselves today.

Table of Contents

I. Hellenes and Hellenisms

  1: Introduction

  2: James I. Porter: Hellenism and Modernity

  3: Yannis Hamilakis: Indigenous Hellenisms / Indigenous Modernities

  4: Robert Rollinger: Near Eastern Perspectives on the Greeks

  5: Franco De Angelis: Colonies and Colonization

  6: Polly Low: The Athenian Empire

  7: Pierre Briant: Alexander the Great

  8: Susan Stephens: Hellenistic Culture

  9: Alessandro Barchiesi: Roman Perspectives on the Greeks

10: Tim Whitmarsh: Greece under Rome

11: Erich S. Gruen: Hebraism and Hellenism

12: Gotthard Strohmaier: The Greek Heritage in Islam

13: Christopher S. Celenza: Hellenism in the Renaissance

14: Paul Cartledge: Hellenism in the Enlightenment

15: Luciano Canfora: Ideologies of Hellenism

II. The Polis

  1: Introduction

  2: James Redfield: The Polis

  3: Sara Forsdyke: Civic Institutions

  4: Sitta von Reden: Economy and Trade

  5: Peter Hunt: War and Society

  6: Robin Osborne: Urban Landscape and Architecture

  7: John Ma: The City as Memory

  8: Christopher Gill: Ancient Concepts of Personal Identity

  9: Fiona Hobden: Symposium and the Culture of Consumption

10: Claude Calame: Age, Peer Groups, Rites of Passage

11: Eva Cantarella: Friendship, Love, and Marriage

12: Laura McClure: Sexuality and Gender

13: Page duBois: Slavery

14: Benjamin Isaac: Ethnic Prejudice and Racism

15: Kim Ayodeji: Maritime Identities

16: Maria Pretzler: Travel and Travel Writing

17: Julia Kindt: Religion

18: Jason König: Games and Festivals

19: Carol Dougherty: Just Visiting: The Mobile World of Classical Athens

20: C. J. Rowe: Political Theory

III. Performance and Texts

  1: Introduction

  2: Gregory Nagy: Performance and Text in Ancient Greece

  3: Wolfgang Rösler: Literacy and Books

  4: Johannes Haubold: Epic Poetry

  5: Andrea Capra: Lyric poetry

  6: Oliver Taplin: Tragedy

  7: David Konstan: Comedy

  8: Caroline Dewald: Historiography

  9: Lene Rubinstein: Oratory

10: William D. Desmond: Low Philosophy

11: Dirk Baltzly: High Philosophy

12: Derek Collins: Magic

13: Brooke Holmes: Medicine

14: Eleonora Rocconi: Music

15: Reviel Netz: Exact Sciences

16: Alexander Sens: Hellenistic Poetry

17: Christopher Pelling: Biography

18: Stephen A. Nimis: The Novel

19: Andrew Ford: Performance

IV. Methods and Approaches

  1: Introduction

  2: G. E. R. Lloyd: Comparative Approaches to the Study of Culture

  3: Emily Greenwood: Postcolonialism

  4: Walter Scheidel: Demography and Sociology

  5: Jan N. Bremmer: Myth, Mythology, and Mythography

  6: Marilyn Skinner: Gender Studies

  7: Philomen Probert: Comparative Philology and Linguistics

  8: P. J. Rhodes: Epigraphy

  9: James Whitley: Archaeology

10: Andrew Meadows: Numismatics

11: Natalie Tchernetska: Manuscript Studies

12: David Armstrong: Papyrology

13: Luigi Battezzato: Textual Criticism

14: Barbara Graziosi: Commentaries

15: Rachel Bowlby: Psychoanalysis

16: Alexandra Lianeri: Translation Studies

17: Pantelis Michelakis: Film Studies

18: Miriam Leonard: Reception

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