The Oxford Handbook of Roman Studies

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ISBN / ISSN: 9780199211524
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2010 / Oxford
Dil: İngilizce
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Kondisyon: Yeni
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The Oxford Handbook of Roman Studies is an indispensable guide to the latest scholarship in this area. Over fifty distinguished scholars elucidate the contribution of material as well as literary culture to our understanding of the Roman world. The emphasis is particularly upon the new and exciting links between the various sub-disciplines that make up Roman Studies - for example, between literature and epigraphy, art and philosophy, papyrology and economic history. The Handbook, in fact, aims to establish a field and scholarly practice as much as to describe the current state of play. Connections with disciplines outside classics are also explored, including anthropology, psychoanalysis, gender and reception studies, and the use of new media.

Alessandro Barchiesi & Walter Scheidel:


  1: James O'Donnell: New media (and old)


  2: Mario De Nonno: Transmission and textual criticism

  3: C. Brian Rose: Iconography

  4: Joshua Katz: Linguistics

  5: Henry Hurst: Archaeology

  6: John Bodel: Epigraphy

  7: Roger Bagnall: Papyrology

  8: William Metcalf: Numismatics

  9: Werner Eck: Prosopography

10: Llewelyn Morgan: Metre

11: Joseph Farrell: Literary theory

12: Susanna Braund: Translation


13: Alfonso Traina: Style

14: Anthony Corbeill: Gender studies

15: Matthew Roller: Culture-based approaches

16: Maurizio Bettini: Anthropology

17: Emma Dench: Identity

18: Michele Lowrie: Performance

19: Ellen Oliensis: Psychoanalysis and the Roman imaginary

20: Eugenio La Rocca: Art and representation

21: Andrew Laird: Reception Studies

22: Stephen Hinds: Historicism and formalism


23: Andrew Riggsby: Rhetoric

24: Christina Kraus: Historiography and biography

25: Philip Hardie: Epic

26: Kathleen McCarthy: First-person poetry

27: Florence Dupont: Theatre

28: Jennifer Ebbeler: Letters

29: Ellen Finkelpearl: Novels

30: Robert Kaster: Scholarship


31: Nicola Terrenato: Early Rome

32: Harriet Flower: The imperial republic

33: Carlos Norena: The early imperial monarchy

34: Richard Lim: The late empire

35: William Harris: Power

36: Nicholas Purcell: Urbanism

37: Walter Scheidel: Economy and quality of life

38: Beryl Rawson: Family and society

39: Keith Bradley: Freedom and slavery

40: Jill Harries: Law

41: Kathleen Coleman: Spectacle

42: Peter Bang: Imperial ecumene and polyethnicity

43: Clifford Ando: After antiquity


44: David Sedley: Philosophy

45: Joy Connolly: Political theory

46: Tim Whitmarsh: Hellenism

47: Jorg Rupke: Religious pluralism

48: Seth Schwartz: Judaism

49: Hagith Sivan: Christianity

50: Rebecca Flemming: Sexuality

51: Kristina Milnor: Women

52: Kai Brodersen: Space and geography

53: Edmund Thomas: Architecture

54: Paul Keyser: Science

55: Denis Feeney: Time and calendar

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