Well Built Mycenae, Fascicule 13: The Service Areas of the Cult Centre

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ISBN / ISSN: 9781842172964
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2008 / Oxford
Dil: İngilizce
Cilt Tipi: Karton kapak
Kondisyon: Yeni
Ürün Boyutları: 170 x 240 mm
Ürün Ağırlığı: 150 gr

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The 'Service Areas' of the Cult Centre comprise a number of rooms, open spaces and passages adjacent to the buildings which form the Temple Complex (WBM 10) and the Room with the Fresco Complex (WBM 11, forthcoming). Excavation of these areas has helped to determine their history and the changes that took place in their orientation and in access to them during the 13th C BC. The finds made are of considerable interest, individually and as groups, and contribute to our understanding of the activities which took place in the areas around the principal Cult Centre buildings. The importance of Area 36, in particular, was apparent during excavation: among the finds, apart from extraordinary quantities of once whole pottery vessels, was a steatite block carved as a jewellery mould, a number of glass beads and bronze tools as well as mortars and other objects of stone. The stratigraphic position of this material confirmed that it was deposited at the same time as the ivories and other objects in the Room with the Fresco. The printed text of c 50 pages provides an illustrated account of the excavation, the structures and the principal finds together with discussions of the significance of each. The accompanying CDs contain over 375 pages of data including Room and Materials analyses similar to those presented in Fascicule 10. The full catalogues of nearly 300 intact or restorable pottery vessels of a wide variety of shapes and uses are accompanied by photographs and line drawings of each item. These are a remarkable addition to our knowledge of Mycenaean pottery, whether for comparative studies of style and decoration or for questions of function.

86 s, s/b resimler, + 2 cd-rom, İngilizce.

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