What Happened in Adana in April 1909? Conflicting Armenian and Turkish views

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ISBN / ISSN: 9789754284980
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2013 / İstanbul
Dil: İngilizce
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180 s, İngilizce.


Turco-Armenian controversy and conspiracy theories

  • Conspiracy Theories on the Adana Incident: Prototypes

  • Rehashed Theories: The Armenian Version

  • Rehashed Theories: The Turkish Version

  • A Disputable Document: the “Report” of Agop Babikyan

  • A Disputable Documents: The Memoirs of Mehmed Asaf.

The Adana province during the nineteenth century

  • The Land of Derebeys

  • The ‘Reform Division’ and the Beginning of the Centralized Administration

  • Cotton Export and the Development of Agrarian Economy

  • Massive Colonization during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century

  • Land Accumulation

  • Emergence of New Local Bosses: The Ağas

  • The Plight of Muslim Peasants

  • A Multi-Ethnic Society and the Ethnic Division of Labour

  • Turco-Armenian Relations

The Young Turk revolution and its impact on the Adana province

  • CUP Takeover of Power and its Weakness

  • Ambivalent Characters of the CUP Adana Branch

  • The New Provincial Government

  • Anti-CUP Sentiment among the Muslims

  • Struggle between the Pro- and Anti-Cevad blocks

  • Muslim-Armenian Tensions after the Revolution

  • The Smuggling of fire arms

  • rmenian cultural activities and their side-effects.

A hidden agenda: Demographic warfare and land disputes

  • Armenian Nationalism and the Muslim reaction

  • Demographic dimension

  • Rising tension in communal relations

  • Repeated dispute over the Taylan Çiftliği

  • New Demographic Pressure after the Young Turk Revolution

  • Dispute over the Armenian land ownership after the Revolution

  • The repercussions of the land dispute over Armeno-Muslim relations.

The April incidents in Adana

  • The Hovannes Affair and the Excitement of the Muslim Population

  • The Outbreak of Hostilities

  • Defence of the Armenians

  • Muslim Mob

  • How the Provincial Government Reacted

  • The End of the Initial Hostilities and an Interlude

  • The Second Incident.

Riots and massacres in the countryside

  • The Hamidiye Incident

  • The Tarsus Inferno

  • The Attack of Kozoluk

  • The Disturbance in the Cebel-i Bereket

  • The retreat of the Hasanbeyli Armenians

  • The siege of Dörtyol

  • The Kozan Prefecture.

The aftermath

  • The Casualties

  • The Relief and Reconstruction Works

  • A Farewell to Conspiracy Theories.


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