'Wicked' Istanbul - The Regulation of Prostitution in the Early Turkish Republic

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ISBN / ISSN: 9786054326501
Basım yılı ve yeri: 2012 / İstanbul
Dil: İngilizce
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Genel Açıklama

Yirminci yüzyılın ilk yıllarında İstanbul beyaz kadın ticaretinin merkezlerinden biri olarak tanınıyordu. Bu araştırma erken Cumhuriyet döneminde fuhuşun İstanbul’da nasıl denetim altına alındığını incelemekte. 

It is little known that in the early twentieth century, Istanbul was internationally condemned as a center for prostitution and vilified for its role in the “traffic in white women.” Through an examination of Turkish and foreign newspapers, Turkish state documents, and the publications of domestic and international organizations, this study explores how the leaders of the newly founded Turkish Republic attempted to negotiate these critiques and how the Ottoman system of state regulated prostitution was transformed in the urban geographies of Istanbul in the 1920s and 1930s. Since studies of urban prostitution cross-cut a number of fields, this work will be a useful reference not only for scholars of Turkish history, but also for research on gender, sexuality, urban studies, and colonialism.

312 s, İngilizce.


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  • Constructing Regulated Prostitution

  • Theoretical Framework

  • Structure

Illicit Geographies: Pre-regulatory Istanbul

  • Negotiating Sources

  • Pre-regulatory Discourses on Prostitution

  • Disciplining Sex: Istanbul Records and Folklore

From Sin to Health

  • Medicalizing Vernaculars: The State and Modernity

  • Legislating Prostitutes' Bodies

  • 1915: CUP Regulation

  • 1930 and 1933: Suppression and Regulation

  • Regulating Civilians

Legislating Prostitution: The Local and the Global

  • Colonizing Legislation of the Illicit

  • Ottoman Policing of Brothels

  • "Wicked" Istanbul: Images and Counter-images

  • 1927: Report of the League of Nations

Regulation and Resistance 

  • The Brothels of Istanbul

  • Purging the City

  • 1930: Attempts at Abolition

  • 1932-1933: Reinscribing the State Brothel

  • 1933: Defending Règlementation

Sexing Urban Architectures

  • Gendering Space in Istanbul

  • Regulating the Urban Geography of Brothels: 1915

  • Mapping the Sexual

  • Geographies of Vice: 1933

  • Local Resistance: Complaints in the Press

  • Brothels and Violence: "Woman, Rakı, Rage"

Nationalizing Bodies, Nationalizing Space

  • Emerging Nationalisms

  • Confessionalized National Sex

  • 1933: Nationalizing Disease Control

  • Re-defining Turkishness: On the International Stage

Mothers, Daughters and Whores

  • Gendering Nationalism

  • Rendering Ethics of Female Labor

  • Civilized "Working" Women

  • Competing Hegemonies for "the Feminine"

  • Expressing Dissent: The Press and Petitioning


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