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  • Actual Archaeology Magazine. Anatolia 13 (Spring 2015)

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Is it us who wanted them to be domesticated or is it them who wanted to be domesticated? 35,000-year-old cave paintings give us the earliest traces of this
relationship. Although evidence of it hasn’t yet been discovered, this relationship must have begun in the very earliest times. Even if human beings accept that they themselves built civilization, animals, which are the most important supporters of humans, lost their liberty and became the captives of humans. Actual Archaeology Magazine takes readers on a historic journey of unlimited adventure. This time, the oldest friends of humans are being discussed: animals, from
liberty to captivity!
• How did this adventure, which started approximately 15 thousand years ago with the domestication of the dog during the Neolithic Period, continue?
• What was the place of goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, winged animals, cats and horses in human life and what happened over time?
• How did animals which were feared at the beginning because of their powerful and predatory nature change to become powerful gods hiding within animals’ physical bodies and the best friends of man?
• Is the relationship which emerged and developed between humans and dogs the result of dogs’ will or is it the result of humans’ effort?
• What was the foundation of the kind of close relationship which allowed humans and animals to be put in the same grave?
• How did animals which humans had considered as frightening beings gain sympathy as living beings?
• Why did the Code of Hammurabi, which was enacted during the period of King Hammurabi, impose the world’s first written provisions towards the protection of animal rights?
• Did domesticated animals lose their charms over time?

Animals were important energy sources, enticing the human mind with their boundless power, their courage that puts fear into the heart and their appearance embellished with mesmerizing colors. Human imagination could not be unconcerned with these frightening charms of animals and they produced rich mythologies originating from animals in much earlier periods, prior to written history. During this unpredictable
adventure, humans divinized animals, which they sometimes made captive and sometimes were taken captive by, and attributed to them new powers. Thus, these
beings, whose power and mysteries they respected, became the first gods of humans.

From Liberty to Captivity…
Actual Archaeology Magazine - Anatolia had been published with the sponsorship of Rezan Has Museum for three years. We appreciate Rezan Has Museum for their
financial support over the last three years, which has allowed us to publish Actual Archaeology Magazine-Anatolia. As of 2015, we will continue to inform readers about
archaeological investigations, cultural treasures and the heritage of Anatolia with the financial and moral support of a friend of archaeology, İzel Levi Coşkun, and Mazars Denge. We wish to thank İzel Levi Coşkun, who has given support and encouragement from the beginning to the successful completion of all of the projects and works of both Actual Archaeology Magazine-Anatolia and the national magazine named Aktüel Arkeoloji Dergisi. We also thank both Ahu Has and İzel Levi Coşkun on behalf of “Anatolia, the Global Cultural Heritage”.

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ISBN 13 9772146913018
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