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  • Actual Archaeology Magazine. Anatolia 18 (Summer 2017)

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  • Yayınevi: Aktüel Arkeoloji

  • ISSN: 2146-913X-18

  • Basım yılı ve yeri: 2017 / İstanbul

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Cities are like living organisms. They are born, they grow and when the time comes, they silently take their place in history. And throughout this process, they develop an identity. This identity, which was created over a span of thousands of years, enriches the city layer by layer. This richness grows by being transmitted from period to period, from society to society, from man to man… This is what we call heritage!

Strabo, the most famous geographer of antiquity, wrote about Bursa: “Prusa was a wellgoverned city, established on the foothills of the Mysian Olympos. The city, which borders on the Phrygians and the Mysians, was founded by a certain Prusias, who was waging war against Croesus”. Although two thousand years have passed since Strabo’s words, the city is still referred to by the same name, “Bursa”. Isn’t this an indicator of the city’s powerful identity that spreads over thousands of years?

Symbolizing the power of this geographical region, Mount Uludağ –or with its ancient name, the Mysian Olympos- had allowed different cultures to be established on its slopes for thousands of years, even before Prusa was founded. Many sites in Bursa, which extend as early as the Neolithic Period, indicate that this region was suitable for settlement in all periods. In fact, modern Bursa is still growing on the slopes of this glorious mountain. Throughout this long process that expanded over various periods, buildings were transformed into new buildings, cultures were transmitted into new cultures, societies changed and developed and finally, a city that incorporates the shared universal values of the history of humanity, was developed. In 2014, Bursa was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as a World Heritage Site of Outstanding Universal Value.

Bursa is like an open-air museum. In particular, the Ottoman Period, which is the cultural layer that has been subject to destruction by rapid urbanization in modern times, has vital importance for the city. Ottoman village architecture that has survived up to this day by preserving its unique texture, holds special meaning in Bursa, which is today one of the most industrialized cities in Turkey. But rather than witness the disappearance of a cultural texture that could have been destroyed during industrialization, we find a richness that has arisen within the context of industrialization. It is such an important development that Cumalıkızık village has been accepted as UNESCO World Heritage Site, for it is a remarkable place that has preserved the structure, lifestyle and culture of Ottoman society, where people have maintained their lifestyles unchanged for many centuries.

This edition, namely “City and Archaeology: Bursa”, which we have prepared in collaboration with the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, will show you the archaeological, cultural and historical richness of Bursa, spanning millennia. The inscription of Bursa on the UNESCO World Heritage List have given the city important national and international tourism potential. Hundreds of projects that have been realized by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality have helped the city’s heritage stand up and be recognized. What should we do to share such great value with the whole world? And most importantly, how should we use this archaeological and historical potential to activate and accelerate tourism?

The next step could arise through the projects developed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s General Directorate of Promotion that aim to tell the world about Bursa. If Bursa could be promoted by international companies such as Turkish Airlines, then it could attract the interest of about 400 million UNESCO travelers worldwide. Spare a few days for Bursa and see the civilizations that have intertwined with the nature for thousands of years. Bursa awaits you… Enjoy the journey!


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ISSN 2146-913X-18
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